Who is Chain Vapez and how did it get its start?

Chain Vapez is a group of like-minded, care free people that joined together to help make a difference with tobacco addiction. From the start, our goal has been to make unique flavors that will stand out amounts the hundreds of thousands of other e-liquids. We strive to make flavors that you can vape all day, liquid that you can Chain Vape!

What are the benefits of carrying Chain Vapez in your Vape or Smoke shop?

Chain Vapez strives for inclusivity throughout our entire line. We understand that the range of flavors in the vaping community is vast and so we have reflected that with our all-encompassing selection of e-juice. Even the most selective of vapors can find a new favorite all-day vape within our award winning flavors. Our e-liquids have staying power, once you find a Chain Vapez flavor you love, you’ll be hooked for life.

How is Chain Vapez newest flavor Cherry Pie unique?

Cherry Pie is a flavor that will take you back to a simpler time. It’s our first attempt at a dessert blend, so we focused on the most classic slice of Americana. The tart, sweet cherry filling baked with a sugary cinnamon glaze goes together so perfectly, it’ll bring you back to those warm summer days filled with picnics and cheerful memories.

Why carry Cherry Pie in your Vape or Smoke shop?

We actively listen to those who keep an eye on the industry and we trust our vape family to guide us. Cherry Pie is like no other juice available on the market today, and here at Chain Vapez we believe that Cherry Pie reflects the hard work and humble roots of the people who vape it.

We went out of our comfort zone to bring a not so common flavor into the limelight, I can guarantee that there is nothing like our Cherry Pie on the market. If a new, unique, delicious flavor is what you’re looking to put on your shelves look no further than Cherry Pie.

Besides Cherry Pie, what other products does Chain Vapez offer?

In addition to Cherry Pie, we have six unique flavors available in our 100ml line. XXX, XXX and Chill, Sunset Sherbert, Sauce, and Why So Cereal. Out of these six, four have been adapted into our highly successful Salt Nicotine line.

With our wide range of availability in different demographics, this allows everyone from seasoned cloud-blowers to more conservative vapors to enjoy what Chain Vapez has to offer. There is so much more in the works for the Chain Vapez line, we plan on growing with the ever-changing market. SVBS

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