What are the benefits to vape and smoke shops using The Chubby Baker?

The Chubby Baker takes enormous pride in the quality and consistency of our product. This approach has helped our retail stores increase customer retention by offering our line. Each store will get a personalized service through an account manager that is on call to them at any time. In addition, we support our stores and really help them succeed through multiple social media platforms that we use to direct traffic into their stores. We also have multiple marketing campaigns as well as materials that we will provide at no extra cost. After all, we don’t want to be just another juice on your shelves we want to be the top selling juice on your shelves.

What does the future hold for The Chubby Baker?

In an industry that has such an uncertain future The Chubby Baker will continue to build partnerships with retail locations and continue to build our brand and become a household name in the premium e-liquid market. We pride ourselves on manufacturing in compliance and taking the steps needed to stay compliant. We often go above and beyond the requirements to ensure that we are doing things the correct way. The Chubby Baker is very active in advocacy and donates money every year to different advocacy groups so that we can all continue to enjoy these products. We will continue to fight and continue to stand up for our right to vape.

What makes The Chubby Baker unique? Why should we purchase your product?

The e-liquid market is very saturated and we understand that the consumers have many choices when it comes to which brand they want to spend their hard-earned dough on. We take pride and satisfaction in supplying the vaping community with a product they not only enjoy vaping but our proud to carry The Chubby Baker bottle around with them. When you buy The Chubby Baker, you are considered part of the family and we treat you as such.

Who is CB and what products do you provide?

The Chubby Baker is a premium e-liquid manufacturing company based in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. We handcraft our juices with only the highest quality ingredients around and we do so in a certified state-of-the-art ISO 8 clean room that we like to call The Kitchen. Our Chubby Baker e-juice consists of 5 unique flavors that are unrivaled and altogether pallet pleasers.

How did The CB get involved in the Vaping Industry?

The Chubby Baker all started in the summer of 2014. The owner, Brandon Farnsworth was having a hard time finding the e-liquid that him and his girlfriend could call their “all day vape.” Although there were many quality choices out there, they were having a hard time finding the consistency and flavors that they wanted so Brandon decided to manufacture his own. At first it was a hobby, but as his friends and employees in shops started to try the juice he was making, and he saw all the waves it was creating in the industry, he branded his product and The Chubby Baker was born. SVBS