There are two plants in this industry that most people are familiar with — Cannabis and tobacco. However, there are over two million plants on Earth that may possess beneficial properties to humankind… plants with the potential to reduce harm and plants with the potential to help. In 1999, Club13 was founded with the singular goal of improving the quality of life for our customers. We began by asking ourselves what was impeding
our pursuit of happiness and what wonderful natural products existed that we didn’t have
access to, and then we began researching ways to bring those amazing solutions into our world.

As we’ve navigated the consumer’s needs and the wants of the industry, we have been compelled to consistently evolve and grow. So we began pioneering new products and processes as well as developing ways to extract the purest and most potent forms of everything we market. Club13 has a dedicated team devoted to constantly improving and testing all of our botanicals, and we will continue to keep them busy to make sure we are always the industry leader in standards and quality. We test our kratom products for E. Coli,
Coli forms, yeast and molds to ensure that our quality claims are not just lip service.
We pride ourselves on providing the utmost in quality and customer care to our retail stores, and as proof we offer the most comprehensive Point Of Sale support in the industry — everything from branded displays to custom posters and window clings to draw customers in. And as always, we stand behind our products 100%. We offer a money-back guarantee on everything we carry and have since 1999.

Part of our ever-growing quest to be the best involves anticipating what people will want not just tomorrow, but a month or a year from now. That’s why we developed KVape, a kratom E-Liquid that is available in three different strains and flavors. Our team realized that with the growing popularity of vaping as well as the sustained popularity of kratom, eventually the marriage would need to be made and we were among the very first to do it.

Club13 makes it a point to ensure that your customers have as many ways to enjoy our
products as possible. In addition to our KVape offering, our Ruby and Jade line comes in both two-capsule as well as six-capsule packaging. And our entire kratom line is available in both capsules as well as powder forms, ranging from five-capsule units up to one-pound powder bags.

The marketplace is always changing and the consumer’s needs are always changing. We will
always be at the forefront of all of these changes; experimenting, testing, and researching new and exciting products that improve everyone’s quality of life. Being the best botanical supplier you can find is our goal, and the pursuit of happiness is our mission.

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