Why do you build portable vaporizers?

With an affinity for vaporization, as well as a consumer-facing brand, we are responsible for educating the consumer on what a vaporizer is, in addition to the benefits brought forth through the usage of the product.

We pride ourselves in being future-minded and conscious of where the vaporizer market is progressing in technology and consumer experience.

A vaporizer, such as the DAVINCI IQ, uses an oven to boil off the desirable cannabinoids and essential oils from cannabis and other natural herbs that are ingested as a vapor into the lungs. We believe in the research studies that suggest this method as the most efficient manner of consuming cannabis and other essential oils.

Where are you located?

In one of the most diverse cities in America – Las Vegas, Nevada!

We see anyone can order from your website. Are your products currently carried in retail shops? Also, do you ship internationally?

Yes, they are carried in shops throughout the entire United States and worldwide. We are the #1 portable vaporizer in Europe and #2 in America. Not only do we ship internationally, we also offer free shipping to Canada and 27 select countries throughout Europe.

How would you best describe DAVINCI VAPORIZER products?

We work hard to manufacture an experience through products that enhance well-being and enlighten the mind. Where the Classic DaVinci was built to be rugged with precision and the Ascent by DaVinci leveled up the purity of vapor, we listened to our customers and applied a commitment to build premium handheld devices that meet their top needs. Purity, Innovation, and Control in every future product.

In your opinion, what allows a vaporizer to be considered a premium product?

Well, first you should start with the best components available. That, in combination with the finest material selection, really shows how much you care about the vaporizer user.

Innovation would also play an important role and should be thoughtful and purposeful in every function of the device. A portable vaporizer team with quality materials and cool tech really steps up the value from a premium brand.

What do you think your primary demographic looks like?

Everyone. From millennial men and women to the 55+ baby boomers, we tend to truly resonate within all vaporizer enthusiasts. There’s a little something built for everyone and we confidently know our customers at every level of experience.

Do you have a wholesale program? If so, how would a vendor contact you?

Yes, and any inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

Are you working on any new products, and are they coming out soon?

A company should always be working on new products or services. We definitely have a lot of cool ideas and niches to explore – so be assured that we are working on something. Soon? Guess you’ll just have to see!

If you could tell our readers one last thing about vaporization, what would it be?

Vaporizing is a healthier alternative to combustion, deriving greater cannabinoid and aromatherapy benefits without carcinogens. Embracing vaporization is one step closer to choosing a healthier alternative to traditional methods.

By giving the cannabis community a reliable, engaging tool to explore cannabis boiling points, we can more easily highlight the plant’s health and wellness benefits and enlighten the community by encouraging greater control of the individual experience.

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