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Who is Filamatic and what product and services do you provide?

Filamatic is the leading liquid filling, capping, and labeling equipment provider for the e-Cigarette industry. With over 120 e-Liquid partners, we are able to provide you with a wide-range of quality and affordable e-Liquid machinery with FDA approved product contact parts. And because Filamatic’s equipment is capable of passing those stringent pharmaceutical and biotech industry requirements, you will be safe using our equipment down-the-line. Filamatic has the best ‘service-after-the-sale’ reputation in the industry, coupled with a fast and easy changeover process, as well as guaranteeing to be able to pump 100% VG… you can’t beat that.

How did Filamatic get involved in the smoke and vape industry?

Filamatic has many vaper’s in-house… so a general interest and sincere advocacy for the e-Cigarette industry was something already built into the company. Then being able to provide the industry with accurate, quality liquid filling options was something easy for Filamatic, but still a huge need for many e-Liquid companies. More importantly, we believed we could provide a third-party legitimacy to the industry. That is, an outside perspective that could help support those traditional industry voices. Filamatic is extremely proud of our industry partners, but even prouder of the friends we have made along the way.

What makes Filamatic and Filamatic’s filling, capping, and labeling equipment unique?

The majority of equipment manufacturers within the e-Cigarette industry DO NOT have a background in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries. Therefore, it is extremely challenging for those manufacturers to comply with the types of FDA review and bottle packaging requirements that have hit the industry. The last thing you want is to buy a piece of machinery that will be obsolete before you pay it off. With our unique performance, undeniable quality, and unrivaled support, it is safe to say that you will have one less thing to worry about when using Filamatic’s e-Liquid solutions.

What are the benefits to smoke and vape shops using Filamatic’s liquid filling, capping, and labeling equipment?

The e-Cigarette industry is looking for a loyal e-Liquid filling partner with FDA regulatory and cGMP experience; we just didn’t show up overnight. Whether you provide a specific product or general service, Filamatic knows the latest FDA guidelines have created some extremely tough challenges ahead. Therefore, our close working relationships and open dialogue with our partners have given Filamatic a unique understanding and distinct advantage when providing truly applicable and affordable solutions. We know the community and believe we are all in this together.

How does Filamatic and Filamatic’s filling, capping, and labeling equipment provide a solution for smoke and vape shop owners?

Filamatic has an e-Liquid machine for every stage of your business’s growth. Whether you need a single, smaller machine, an intermediate automatic system, or a fully-automated, integrated e-Liquid solution, Filamatic provides the widest range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while giving you the lowest cost of ownership. We look forward to helping you grow the business and exceeding your expectations. SVBS

How would a smoke or vape shop owner contact Filamatic for more information on your products?

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