Where did the inspiration for the Pachamama come from? 
Bali. We were blown away by Bali — the colors, the culture, the place is ALIVE.

How did you create such unique flavors?
In our trips to Bali, we came across the most amazing fruit offerings we had ever seen. We picked jackfruits straight off the tree and ate them. We took massive machetes to golden coconuts on the side of dirt roads and drank the milk. Pitaya is another name for dragonfruit, which we found everywhere in our travels. Finding avors in a place like Bali was the easy part. Capturing them in a all-day vape was another story and took months.

Why do you work in the vape industry?
We wanted to quit smoking. And we want you to quit too.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is infamous for its black and white branding,why did you choose to go to color with Pachamama?
Charlie’s Chalk Dust will always be the original. With Pachamama, we wanted to capture the spirit and the
colors of fresh, hand-picked fruits straight off the trees of paradise. The colors are so pure, so vibrant — so alive. We wanted to share that experience with the world.

With so much changing in the vape industry, what are Charlie’s and Pachmama doing to support the vaping community?
So much. We had representatives involved with the Cole Bishop Amendment in to our ofdice to discuss the positive impact of our industry. We are founding members of the California Smoke Free Organization, working to unite industry leaders and have a positive impact on state and federal legislation. We just had a customer in to our office to help him develop his own juice line. Because we genuinely care about the underdog’s ability to succeed. We go to conventions across the country and around the world to support local businesses learn about the industry.