Who is ShopKeep and what product and/or service do you provide?

Founded by a successful business owner in 2008, ShopKeep provides an intuitive, secure, iPad based
point of sale system and empowers over 18,000 merchants to run smarter businesses by optimizing staffing, regulating inventory and accessing sales reports and customer information on one seamless, cloudbased platform.

How did ShopKeep get involved in the smoke and vape industry?

Smoke and vape shops came to ShopKeep looking for ease of use, inventory management, customer support and other features for their point of sale technology. It became clear quite quickly that ShopKeep was a simple, safe and smart solution for the Smoke and Vape industry; they’ve been growing with them ever since.

What makes ShopKeep unique?

ShopKeep’s commitment to supporting small businesses makes them unique. Not only can merchants process transactions through ShopKeep, but they can also take care of their accounting, employee management and inventory needs through their point of sale.

As ShopKeep user Joe Carlucci, owner of Planet of the Vapes in Staten Island, New York says, “ShopKeep tells you what your busiest hours are, and what your slowest hours are. It allows me to see at what times during the day I should make that happy hour, and what times I can send my employees home. ”

Committed to providing the absolute best in customer care, and Carlucci agrees, “ In the rare case that I have an issue, Shopkeep is always there, 24/7. Their customer service is second to none. All American, all the time, and always free. It’s a relief knowing that they are there for me anytime I need them,” he said.

What are the benefits to smoke and vape shops using ShopKeep?

Smoke and vape shops can use ShopKeep to track inventory in real time and identify top selling items, making it easy to adjust inventory and increase sales. “I can see where my profit is really coming from, and push those products,” says Carlucci. Merchants can even track sales remotely through the ShopKeep Pocket App, letting them enjoy time away from the shop and providing peace of mind on the go.

Smoke and vape shops can also address their changing needs by customizing their point of sale. Shop owners have the freedom to design their own register layout and add hardware to fit their needs, like bluetooth barcode scanners, or bluetooth printers. As Carlucci says, “ you wouldn’t believe how many people comment on the wireless printing of a receipt.”

How does ShopKeep fit with the growth plans for smoke and vape shops?

As smoke and vape shops grow, so does ShopKeep, especially when it comes to reporting and inventory services. ShopKeep is constantly releasing updates to increase the pace of innovation and support product improvements.

ShopKeep also provides resources for merchants to learn about industry changes like the October 2015 switch from magnetic stripe credit cards to EMV chip cards, helping smoke and vape shop owners prepare for the future.

How would a potential smoke or vape shop owner contact ShopKeep for more information on their products?

Smoke or vape shop owners can call ShopKeep directly at 877.906.1242 or visit ShopKeep online at shopkeep.com/smokevape for more information.