Who, or what, inspired you to get into the e-juice business? When was that?

Simply Vapour started making e-liquid in late 2010 when one of the owners; Kristine, wanted to vape but there were not many appealing flavors available on the market at the time. Her mother Sue, having a background in science researched what was involved with making e-liquid and began experimenting with different flavor combinations. The feedback they received on their initial flavor creations sparked an interest in turning their experiment into a small business. Five years later Simply Vapour has become one of the largest manufacturers in Minnesota!

Where are you located? More importantly, you sell online but is your brand currently carried in any retail shops? By the way, do you ship internationally?

Simply Vapour headquarters is located in Maplewood, Minnesota. We have products in over 115 retail stores across the Midwest. Our products are also available online. We do offer international shipping; we are asking our international customers to place orders via email at this time.

How would you describe the Simply Vapour e-Liquid flavor signature?

We have two product lines at Simply Vapour; Original Blend and Premium Blend. The Original Blend is a PG-based solution with a sweet and bold flavor profile. This is geared for beginner vapers or for people who are not interested in cloud production. The Premium Blend is max VG (80/20) with a smooth and subtle flavor profile. Premium Blend was created to produce plenty of clouds while still maintaining a great flavor.

In your opinion, what makes a good all-day-vape eLiquid?

This is such a tough question because preference and taste is so subjective. A good all-day-vape to us is determined by flavor preference and the overall vape experience. Typically, we prefer a defined flavor with a smooth inhale. Cream and subtle fruit flavors are a big hit around here.

Do you have a specific audience in mind for your eLiquids?

Our target audience has been and always will be adults looking to quit smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Where do you do your mixing, bottling, and shipping?

We do all mixing, bottling, and shipping in-house. We also titrate each batch in-house to ensure proper nicotine strength. Our Premium Blend products are lab tested through a company called Enthalpy (results available on product page).

Do you have a wholesale program? If you do, how do vendors contact you to inquire about selling your brand in their shop or website?

Yes, Simply Vapour has a wholesale program. If a vendor is interested in carrying Simply Vapour products, inquiries can be made via phone or online. Our contact info can be found at www.simplyvapour.com.

Are you working on any new flavors right now?

Yes! We recently released a new product line!! Check out Simply Vapour Platinum Series online.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers while you have their complete attention?

Yes. Be proactive to protect this industry. If your state has an advocacy group, ask how to get involved. If your state does not have an advocacy group look to see what other states are doing and create one. There area lot of resources available on the web on how to become active in advocacy. If you are not passionate about advocacy you can contribute in other ways such as making a donation or shopping from vendors that support advocacy efforts. It will be our numbers that make us strong and there are already many of us. Let’s continue to grow and protect the freedoms we have come to enjoy from this amazing product that has taken us away from combustible tobacco cigarettes. SVBS