What are SLX GrinderS?
SLX (pronounced “Slicks” and rhymes with “Never Sticks”) are self cleaning, non-stick grinders that never stick and never need to be cleaned. They use a unique, low friction, ceramic coating that prevents the buildup of resin and other material. SLX grinders are always clean and never stick.

How was SLX developed?
Two graduates from the University of Vermont had a great idea: “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a grinder that doesn’t stick?” They had prototypes made, tested different coatings and SLX was born.

How does SLX work?
SLX has a perfect coating that’s non-stick, durable and safe and is manufactured for them by the largest US coating company. They NEVER use Teflon® which, if burned, is a carcinogen (and so dangerous it’s banned throughout the tobacco industry!)

What makes SLX different from other premium grinders?
• Exclusive non-stick ceramic coating is applied to
every surface of the grinder

• Curved trapezoidal teeth give SLX a fluffy grind

• Eliminated one set of threads so the screen slips in
and out of the bottom chamber without unscrewing.
Customers love this feature!

• Use it as a 4 piece or a 3 piece without the screen

• Exceptional pollen collection

• 2 sizes: 2.4” standard and 2.0” pocket size

• 4 metallic sparkle colors: Black, Silver, Charcoal Gray
and Champagne Gold
What do retailers think about SLX?
Buyers love it. They make great margins because it’s priced at the low end of the premium grinder line with wholesale prices at or below competitive premium products. SLX sends a POS flyer and fold over product cards with every order to help drive the sale.

Sales associates love selling SLX because they know the non-stick feature will exceed customer expectations. Result: buyers place larger orders and restock every month:

“Rick, just wanted to let you know the new grinder is phenomenal!! I could not be happier with the end result after putting stuff through it! I can’t wait to boast about the grinders at the shop when I get back to work! Thank you again for everything.” Billy G.

is slx warrantied?
SLX replaces any part that fails. Their web address is on the bottom of every grinder, and they encourage consumers to contact them directly if they have a problem (occasionally a screen needs replacement). SLX replies to all customer inquiries within 24 hours, usually faster.

Plans for the future?
Three major vendors plan to OEM SLX Grinders with their brands this year; SLX is widening their distribution channels both in the US and abroad; they plan to offer exciting new color options this summer.

Anything else about their company?
SLX is a family business. And they want all their buyers to be part of the family!