Daughters & Ryan
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Who is Daughters & Ryan and what product and/or service do they provide?

Daughters & Ryan, Inc. (D&R Tobacco) has been in business since January, 1992. They manufacture/distribute pipe tobacco, e-liquids, filtered cigars, MYO/RYO accessories, shisha and tabacalera cigars.

How did Daughters and Ryan get involved in the smoke and vape industry?

They started the company after a spike in cigarette taxes and recognized potential demand for the RYO category. They specialized in premium tobacco blends and are a member of the master settlement agreement (MSA). While other companies were limited to full flavor, light and menthol, D&R had 34 premium tobacco blends in their portfolio.

As a tobacco geek, Mark was dissatisfied with the “tobacco” e-liquids that were made from chemical flavorings and possess poor flavor profiles. He knew they could do better to satisfy the adult consumers who desired true tobacco taste in an e-liquid. They worked closely with a leading e-liquid manufacturer (Purilum) to develop exceptional e-liquids based on extractions of their premium tobacco blends. The outcome is their prestige series of e-liquids with true varietal tobacco flavor. Cockstrong is a U.S. blend, Windsail is a Virginia blend, Rowland is an American blend, Ramback is an oriental blend, Picayune is a Perique blend and Wingate is a menthol blend.

They are sold in 30 ml bottles and packaged in individual boxes that resemble tobacco curing barns. Each blend is available in 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml nicotine levels.
What makes D&R unique?

Their e-liquids are unique because they actually taste like real tobacco and contain varietal tobacco flavors from the leaf used in the extractions. Their prestige series e-liquids are masterfully created from extracts of our premium tobacco blends by tobacco experts for our friends and fellow tobacco lovers.

What are the benefits to smoke and vape shops carrying D&R products?

The main benefit from their products for smoke/vape shops is absolute satisfaction of customers who appreciate true tobacco flavor, and not chemically derived flavor substitutes. The bonus is customer loyalty and repeat business.

How does D&R provide a solution for smoke and vape shop owners?

In addition to the best tobacco flavor e-liquids, they have a beautiful display for their products that is eye catching and stimulates sales. It follows with the tobacco barn theme, contains 4 each of their 24 e-liquids (6 brands x 4 nic levels), 6 sampling vaporizers, 100 sanitary tips, and 50 supportive POS flyers.

How would a potential smoke or vape shop owner contact D&R for more information on their products?

Interested smoke/vape shop owners can contact their office to order by phone toll free at 866-942-7364 or by email [email protected]