Founded in 2013 in Orange, CA, eCig Distributors sought to solve challenges faced by brick & mortar vape shops. Beginning as a brick & mortar vape shop ourselves, we experienced the frustration and inconvenience of trying to supply our own store. Recognizing the problem, eCig Distributors was born and revolutionized the industry as the first 24/7 vape distributor. Now, shop owners all around the globe can purchase a wide-range of vape supplies online and replenish inventory at will to keep customers happy, revenue steady and inefficiencies to a minimum.

To date, our forward-thinking strategies fueled by technology, innovation and an emphasis on creating solutions for the industry has enabled us to amass over 2,000 brands and more than 9,000 flavor profiles to our wholesale marketplace, Our unmatched customer service bridges the gap between customers and shop owners allocating equal access to this exciting industry. We believe that we have created the singular solution and true one-stop shop for wholesale vape supplies.


Why should shops do business with eCig Distributors?

In one word: selection. We have a massive amount of the best-selling brands and flavors that are all stocked in-house that ship for free the same day (to U.S. addresses). In addition to our in-house brands, our marketplace contains nearly every vape brand on the market today. We are a one-stop shop for vape shop, smoke shop and head shop owners who are looking to, or already carry, e-liquid, hardware and vape supplies. As previous vape shop owners ourselves, we listened, understood and acted on resolving the problems facing this industry through technology and innovation.

Why do you say you are in the solutions business?

We are the largest global vape distributor that navigates success for both the customer and the store owner simultaneously. Providing access to e-liquids, hardware and vape supplies at the best possible price through a simple yet robust website removes the frustrations that we encountered as a vape shop ourselves. As a ‘Solutions Through Technology’ company, we remove obstacles shop owners face, reduce inefficiencies and help them make more money as they scale their business.

We have recently launched two successful platforms: PoweredByeJuices.comTM and, where shop owners can access, or integrate into their website, our entire product catalog thereby removing the unpredictability of carrying an untested flavor or brand while also supplying requested vape products a store may not usually stock. It’s a fail-proof way for business owners to satisfy virtually every customer’s needs and make more money.

How do you uniquely satisfy the needs of vape shops, smoke shops, and head shops?

For vape shops, we provide a comprehensive platform for them to acquire all of their e-liquids, hardware, replacement coils and vape accessories on a wholesale basis. For smoke shops and head shops, we provide the same convenience of our wholesale website,, but also offer these retailers popular, cost-effective, high-margin items and product display cases that meet their specific needs. These shops can also improve the lifetime value of their existing, or transitioning, customer base as well as profiting from attracting new customers into their locations by selling vaping products.