How was GoGreen Hemp founded?

GoGreen Hemp was founded in 2016 in Fort Mill, South Carolina and has since also opened a satellite office in Fort Lauderdale, FL. GoGreen Hemp believes they achieved their principle goal of finding the delicate balance between providing premium CBD products at some of the most competitive prices on the market, to wholesalers and consumers. “After having reconstructive surgery on my ankle I was on numerous painkillers and came across CBD. CBD bam salve helped me get off of these painkillers that have numerous side effects. I was fortunate to have access to CBD balm salve for the rest of my recovery process” says founder, Romas Marcinkevicius. After becoming a believer, Romas Marcinkevicius founded GoGreen Hemp and since the initial launch of nine products has since grown to over thirty different product variations. GoGreen Hemp strives to be your “One Stop Shop For Everything CBD” by providing a wide variety of products from oil tinctures, gel capsules, pre-filled cartridges, gummies, balm salve, pet products, lotion, bath bombs and many more products to come. GoGreen Hemp believes that they have something that can work in your target market!

What makes GoGreen Hemp different?

GoGreen Hemp strives to stay ahead of market trends through extensive research and product testing. All of GoGreen Hemp’s products are made from organically grown hemp, non-gmo, and all third party tested for both potency and purity. They also just integrated QR codes on all of their packaging, which links directly back to third party test results by batch and product. They believe in the slogan “Accountability Through Transparency”, and want to keep all of their customers educated and informed.

Why should you carry GoGreen Hemp?

Quality Above All:
All of GoGreen Hemps products that are introduced go through a vigorous product development system, and are tested by everyone on their team. Their products are derived from organically grown hemp and are Non-GMO, GMP, Pesticide-free, Eco-Friendly and are all Third Party Tested. Not only do their products work, but they are also tasty which is a tough balance to achieve in the CBD industry.

QR Codes:
GoGreen Hemp has introduced QR codes on all of their products. These QR codes link directly back to third party lab results by batch number, showing no THC by weight, as well as ingredients used in production. This type of transparency is good for not only consumers, but also store owners, who put their faith in GoGreen Hemp products to represent their stores interests. GoGreen Hemp takes pride in this transparency and stands behind every product they provide to their customers.

Diverse Product Line:
GoGreen Hemp has invested substantial capital in product development and proudly expanded their product line from nine sku’s to over thirty sku’s and growing. They have numerous products currently in development; GoGreen Hemp Tattoo After-Care Balm, GoGreen Hemp Gel Capsules with B12 and GoGreen Hemp Gel Capsules with Catechins. They are constantly innovating to make sure they stay one step ahead of the competition by providing varying products for various markets.

Unmatched Customer Service:
When you partner with GoGreen Hemp you are partnering with a company that stands behind not only their premium products, but also their superior customer service. GoGreen Hemp takes great pride in both their customer service and turn-around time. GoGreen Hemp’s product line makes it so you don’t have to go through various vendors for quality products, instead they can be your one stop shop with a touch of everything through various niche marketplaces. SVBS

Go Green. Make Green.

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