2017 and Beyond
HotVapes got its start early in 2010 making the company seven years old now. A lot has changed in vaping industry since then, a lot in fact has changed in the past few months. The industry enjoyed explosive growth early on that has been tempered as of late due to a fair amount of misinformation in the American media relating to vaping. But there is reason for hope. The FDA has already pushed back some of its due dates for requirements on manufacturers, and there is reason to believe the appetite to over-regulate is, on the federal level at least, somewhat diminished from what it was just a few months ago. Of course we will have to see how it all plays out but 2017 looks to be a very interesting year for the vape industry.

Late last year we went to Europe for the first time and got to experience what vaping is like across the pond. Ostensibly vaping looks very much the same, the difference though has to do with the regulatory climate. In Europe there is a clear path for manufacturing, distributing and retailing vapor products. While some of the rules seem a bit misguided – e.g. the max bottle size is 10ml – small companies (as opposed to multi-national conglomerates) can market their products without much fear of being put out of business by onerous, even impossible, regulatory requirements. In England, their FDA-equivalent has said that vaping is much better from a human health standpoint than smoking and that people should be encouraged to make the switch. This of course is a much different message from the one the FDA has been sending. Public Health England has reported that an expert independent review estimated e-cigarettes to be 95% less harmful than tobacco. The information is available at www.gov.uk. And has called on the FDA to pay attention to these findings, which the FDA heretofore has continued to ignore. There are the obvious reasons why the FDA has ignored its mandate to consider risk mitigation in the realm of vapor vs smoke, opting to put at risk citizens’ health as well as many thousands of small businesses and the generally well-paying jobs associated with them. But in 2017 we may yet see the FDA forced to act in a reasonable manner toward the vape industry, ensuring consumers have a plethora of safer options and our small businesses a path toward sustainability.

The future of vaping cannot be taken for granted and the good fight must still be fought. Many organizations such as CASAA and SFATA have been involved in making sure all voices are heard. While there are different facets to the vaping industry one thing we should all be able to agree on is that vaping is at its core one thing especially: Progress. It is a fundamental move forward and should be embraced as such. The world is a complex place and people will always have to make choices. Shouldn’t in 2017 vaping be a choice?

The HotVapes team loves what we have accomplished and looks forward to serving our customers for a long time to come. Seven years and over 150 unique flavors later, vaping is still fun, enjoyable and a hell of a lot better than smoking! Let’s not let anyone forget that. SVBS

Tim Roche, President