Who is Kingdom Vapor and how did it get its start?

Kingdom Vapor Wholesale is a family-owned distribution company located in Western Pennsylvania. We’ve been servicing retailers Nationwide for nearly six years. Our roots in Brick and Mortar retail have allowed us to understand the issues that business owners face on a day-to-day basis, since we’ve dealt with these issues ourselves. We have dealt with ridiculous minimums, inability to contact our representatives, and issues surrounding the acquisition of product; therefore, we set out to be different from day one.

Kingdom Vapor was grown from a need for a supplier of quality products on the East Coast. We believe that all shops, no matter how small, deserve the same great service. We have put in simple policies to help accommodate for growth and expansion in the shops we supply; such as, no minimum order quantities, affordable shipping with no hidden fees, and free shipping over $1,000 on any combination of products.

What types of product do you supply?

Kingdom Vapor supplies a full range of hardware and e-liquid. Our catalogue includes product for beginners, enthusiasts, and every vaper in between. We strive to be a one stop shop for the most solid products on the market by stocking popular brands like Smok, Aspire, Vandy Vape, Eleaf, and many more.

We currently distribute for 28 brands of e-liquid and are constantly on the lookout for the next big line. We thoroughly vet e-liquid lines to ensure that we only stock the highest possible quality. Our e-liquid selection has been built around quality and proper labeling practices.

With such frequent changes in the industry we count on our customers to let us know what is selling in their shops, and what types of product they do best with, so that we can further accommodate them with quality products that sell.

How do you provide for success in retail shops?

We understand that our customers are King. We maintain low profit margins to allow for higher profit on the retailers end. Our experience in the retail vapor products industry has taught us one thing: no customer should leave without a smile on their face.

We strive to keep on top of the ever-changing industry and we understand that no two customers face the same issues, so we work hard to understand each individual problem and come to a solution that satisfies everyone.

Our representatives have experience with the products we sell and pay attention to new products hitting the market. This allows them to troubleshoot and recommend products that are the right fit for the retailer.

We put a heavy emphasis on customer service. Our representatives take pride in the success of our customers and are always available to help with any questions, troubleshooting, or needs; after all, the success of our customers directly affects our own success.

What is the future for Kingdom Vapor?

Kingdom Vapor is growing at a rapid pace. We’ve recently moved into a new 42,000 square foot facility allowing for major expansion. With the additional space we are providing a wider variety of product, better service, and faster ship times.

Each day brings new opportunities to learn and improve the services we provide. We’ll be sticking to our roots and moving forward with the same goals we started with. We got our start helping local shops find vapor products and we’ve grown because of our dedication to the customer, and you can expect that same dedication moving forward.

Vaping advocacy will continue to be an important focus for us so as the industry changes we’ll do everything we can to fight government over regulation and taxation. Here in our home State of Pennsylvania, many are familiar with the tax issues at hand. We decided that we can not sit back and wait for change to happen, so we have already started a lawsuit against the State of Pennsylvania over the 40% tax on hardware. Our hope is to help the many shops here in PA and possibly set an example for what can be done when vapers fight back.

To stay up to date with our lawsuit, visit their website at www.kingdomvapor.com and view their blog. SVBS