The world is innovating. Every day, a bold new technology rises to solve our problems and improve our lives. Vaping was inventive to begin with, and has continued to challenge the status quo since 2008. Vaping technology has advanced at breakneck speeds, delighting vapers around the globe with each innovation.

Solar energy is opening the door to a brighter tomorrow. As the technology develops, countries around the globe are investing in solar panels. In this pioneering spirit, Mt Baker Vapor has installed solar panels to improve our manufacturing process. Our power is augmented by the magnificent Arizona sunshine. The solar panels produce a whopping 580-kilowatt hours a day, and 211-megawatt hours a year. This is the environmental equivalent of planting 1,120 trees. It’s the equivalent of 31,676 gallons of water used by a coal-powered plant. It’s the equivalent of 104,010 passenger car miles driven. This is an electrifying precedent to set in a relatively young industry, and it’s only a matter of time before other e-liquid manufacturers follow suit.
In celebration of this milestone, Mt Baker Vapor is proud to announce Photonic Premium E-Liquid. These handcrafted, small-batch flavors are manufactured with aid from our solar panels. Photonic flavors are informed by tropical tastes, and bottled in UV-resistant, recycled glass. We like to think you can taste a ray of sunshine in every vape.

Solarberry is a tasty medley of sweet and tart sun-kissed boysenberry, elderberry, and pomegranate. What says summertime more clearly than a basket of berries. Solarberry was methodically crafted to please the fruit-fanatics out there.

The fresh-from-the-freezer taste of orange creamsicles is manifested in Creme Du Soleil. This flavor is the classic combination of tangerine and vanilla cream swirl.

Take your tastebuds south of the border with Horchata Del Sol! This unique concoction is the enticing taste of horchata, a Mexican rice dessert with cinnamon and vanilla-based flavor.

Nothing quenches your thirst on a hot, summer day like fruit juice, fresh from the pouch. Island Sun is the ultimate in refreshing tropical fruits and juices, inspired by nineties nostalgia.

If you’re looking for a peerless refresher, look no further than Cubano Breeze: an invigorating taste of mojito, featuring lime and mint with a hint of refreshing cucumber. This flavor was designed to emulate Ernest Hemingway’s special mojito recipe!

At Mt Baker Vapor we do business with a focus on quality products, exemplary customer service, fast shipping, and competitive pricing since 2011. Mt Baker Vapor has been on the front lines of vape enterprising since the very beginning, and the implementation of solar energy, and Photonic Premium E-Liquid, has taken our company to the next level. Enjoy all five Photonic flavors, and taste the innovation! SVBS

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