Company Spotlight (Nico Swab) Sep-Oct14Who is NicoSwab and what product and/or service do you provide?

NicoSwab is a new and effective way to get your nicotine – anyplace – anytime. It takes seconds to use with just a quick swab on the inside of the cheek.

Customers report feeling nicotine within a minute, for up to 2 hours.

NicoSwab is an alternative for when a smoker is somewhere that smoking is not allowed or socially looked down on.

So much time, planning and energy goes into deciding where and when smokers can get their nicotine – making life miserable.

Airports, planes, work, school, hotels, concerts, meetings, restaurants, home – are just a few places where smokers are unwelcome.

One swab on the inside of the cheek with NicoSwab is the perfect and easiest way to get nicotine when in these places.

How did NicoSwab get involved in the smoke shop/ tobacco industry?

The folks at NicoSwab were motivated from watching millions of smokers who are not allowed to smoke in airplanes, hotels, restaurants, home, or office. Smokers must always plan where and when they can and cannot smoke. Smokers suffer when on a plane flight, at a restaurant, when it’s freezing out, in a meeting, on a date…

Those cravings don’t have to make smokers miserable anymore.

What makes NicoSwab unique?

There is no other product that offers a quick clean and effective alternative for smokers to obtain nicotine – for places where they are not allowed to smoke. One swab on the inside of the cheek, and smokers can now have a viable alternative to obtain nicotine – when they can’t smoke a cigarette. The resins that are used with the nicotine are all natural, making it a healthier alternative, as well. And the taste is peppermint flavored so it feels like a breath freshener.

What are the benefits to smoke shops/vapor shops carrying NicoSwab?

NicoSwab allows smoke shops to offer a differentiating product from other competitors that sell smoke and vape products. Smokers and vapors can find their smoke products in many places.

NicoSwab allows a smoke and vape shop to offer an alternative that will have their customers coming back to their shop over and over again.

And once again, it gives the smoke and vape shop an alternative for their customers who need their nicotine, and may not be able to get it because of legal or social issues.

How can or does NicoSwab provide a solution for smoke shops/vapor shops?

Smokers are always looking for a more effective and easier way to get their nicotine. This is a healthier alternative in that the resins are all natural, and it doesn’t get much easier than swiping the inside of your cheek and you’re done.

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How would a smoke shop/vapor shop contact NicoSwab for more information or to get your products/services?

Additional information or wholesale pricing for interested retailers and distributors is available at or [email protected] or 877-782-9966.