Established in 2014, White Label Juice Company was founded in the sunny county of San Diego, California. The owners of WLJC stepped into the vaping community with a brick and mortar location complete with their own signature e-liquid line (which would evolve into what is today known as White Label Juice Co.), with distinct flavors that kept growing in popularity amongst their local customers. With the introduction of mods, e-cigarettes took a new direction with cloud-chasing becoming an industry staple, the owners of this vape shop quickly realized that the smaller, pocket-friendly 10ml/15ml/30ml bottle size options were becoming inadequate for the amount of “dripping” that was occurring. Their customers wanted bigger bottles in maximum VG for bigger clouds and at a lower cost, and they wanted to supply their demands ($30/30mls was not going to fly any longer), and White Label Juice Co was born.

WLJC went viral as it launched its online retail site, just $19.99 for a 100ml of maxVG premium e-liquid PLUS free shipping to customers in the USA! Manufactured in an ISO-7 certified cleanroom, with the highest quality ingredients and no sweeteners added, White Label Juice Co e-liquid has been a leader in the march toward lower costs for the consumer without sacrificing quality of flavor or ingredients. With forty flavors to choose from, also available in Sample Packs (3x30mls = $19.99 + free shipping), the customer can be as flexible with their decisions as they are with their wallet, and afford to take WLJC on every adventure!

Improving the lives of their customers and the community that surrounds their company has became a big focus for WLJC right from beginning. It is also extremely important to WLJC to stay active in helping the vaping industry by advocating, staying ahead of FDA regulations, and keeping their customers informed about new laws and ways to help. In November 2015 at VCC in Oklahoma, White Label Juice Co donated thousands of dollars to CASAA to help fight for our industry’s right to vape. WLJC also gains community support by leading local beach clean-ups, where friends are invited and encouraged to participate. Another fun way they’ve got their customers engaged is by orchestrating collaborative sales efforts with charitable foundations where 100% of proceeds were donated to these causes, thanks to the huge sale driven by their loyal customers. During Christmas of 2016 WLJC was able to help  upport hundreds of local military families of Spirit of Sharing with a generous donation, and another supply drop off donation in 2017 to keep these families stocked, again thanks to the support of the WLJC fam. During Valentine’s Day 2017, a huge amount of money was raised and donated to JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center to aid  in their rescue and conservation efforts of Russian Domesticated Foxes and primitive dog breeds ending up in the fur trade, who then use the help of these animals in animal assisted therapy programs. WLJC has many more  fundraising opportunities arriving in the near future of you’re interested in getting involved, stay tuned by visiting  www. whitelabeljuiceco.com or follow WLJC on social media to stay in the Loopy Loops!


White Label Juice Co.
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