William R. Seide Agency, LLC
913 Route 23 South
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
[email protected]


Who is William R. Seide Agency and what service do they provide?

The William R. Seide Agency is a mid-sized insurance agency that specializes in commercial, personal, life and health products. They are one of the largest writers of policies for importers and manufacturers of e-juice, vaporizers and hookahs. They are also one of the first insurance agencies to have written policies for the e-cig industry and are a leading industry insurance expert for the tobacco, e-cig and nutraceuticals markets. Additionally, they specialize in property insurance for the tobacco industry.

How did William R. Seide Agency get involved in the smoke and vapor industry?

The agency was founded in 2007 by William R. Seide. Bill and his talented team have over 75 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. From the beginning, Bill and his team are committed to helping the smoke and vapor industry with all of their insurance needs.

What makes The William R. Seide Agency unique?

The agency’s clientele ranges in size from small store front businesses to large scale operations. Even with their diverse clientele, they have the unique ability to stay connected to each and every client and provide a superior level of expertise as an extension of their clients own risk management departments.

What are the benefits to smoke and vapor shops using William R. Seide Agency?

Bill has built his business on serving the needs of the smoke and vapor industry. His agency also offers an insurance program for convenience store distributors. It has been difficult for convenience store distributors to secure affordable property and liability insurance coverage over the past few years. Bill understood this problem and started the AWMA Insurance program, which is available in all 50 states and can be purchased through him. As a business owner, you have enough on your mind, The William R. Seide Agency, headed up by Bill can give you the confidence that your business is protected and covered by a caring agency that understands you.

How would a smoke or vapor shop owner contact William R. Seide Agency for more information?

For more information, call Bill Seide at 800-621-0052 or email him at [email protected] Bill is looking forward to helping you with your business.