Company Spotlight (WFV) Sep-Oct14

Who is Worlds Finest Vapors and what product and/or service do you provide?

Worlds Finest Vapors is a United States Premium Vapor Liquid Company established in 2009.

We are Veteran owned and operated which simply put, translates into integrity and customer service are paramount.

We do not use any overseas sources, and our bases are made from only the highest purity grades available.

We do not use synthetics and our formulas are scientifically validated. The results: customers and vendors alike love our all natural flavors, consistency, and product quality.

Working with a 100% USA manufacturer eliminates US Customs & product uncertainty that you may encounter when working with overseas manufacturers.

One of your peers has recently gone above and beyond the standard due diligence when selecting vendors for his new shop. He sent 30 of today’s most popular brands to an independent certified lab for testing. As suspected, we passed with flying colors. Twenty seven (27) other brands failed miserably.

When it comes to supplying your customers with vapor choices, make sure their first impression is the best impression: Worlds Finest Vapors as sold by an Ambassador (you) equates to long term repeat sales, referrals and most importantly, happy customers.

WFV Spotlight Lower Left_BottlesWhat makes your product unique?

Our product sells itself with no games or gimmicks.

Our nomenclature and flavors are geared towards adults. Adults are very brand loyal and educated consumers. If they start with a product that actually works for them, they will stick with it for years.

When you consider customer acquisition costs and churn, monthly recurring revenue from repeat customers can make a real difference to your business. We have over 60 flavors available, in six nicotine levels from 0-36mg. Something for everyone, from the beginner to the veteran vaper.

Our retail partners sell our 14 nationally popular tobacco flavors with an average sell rate of 112 units per day, per location. A new customer knows within less than a minute that our product is a perfect fit for them. Our understanding of the actual scientific reasons why people smoke cigarettes are implemented into every facet of our product.

Every wholesale order is produced factory fresh for you. Your order is also assigned a unique Lot Number for that run and its clearly printed on the label.

All of this is done within 7 business days from order to your door.

How does Worlds Finest Vapors provide a solution for smoke shops/vapor shops?

We feel we provide a complete solution. We think of our resellers as Ambassadors to the industry and we support them as such. We call our resellers “Retail Partners”. We don’t want to sell you a bunch of liquids and never hear from you again, we want to partner with you to ensure long term success.

Although not every retailer qualifies to sell our product, the ones that do reap the financial reward and satisfaction of doing the right thing for their customer.

If approved to sell our product, you will also receive:

Staff customer training, staff product training, executive level business coaching and of course marketing and point of sale assistance, including Celebrity Endorsements.

See a sample of these endorsements at

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We do not work with distributors.

Worlds Finest Vapors
Phone: 310-212-3111
Email: [email protected]