2019 marks 10 years for blu, one of the original e-vapor brands in the U.S. and longtime trusted consumer choice. The brand has dedicated the past 10 years to building a renowned legacy in creating something better for adult smokers, all by innovating, researching, and listening to what adult smokers and vapers really want out of their e-vapor products (EVPs). As a result, blu has established an unsurpassed suite of products that adult consumers have come to know, trust, and love.

Between blu’s range of closed-system devices and open-system e-liquids, blu offers a robust product line with a blu that matches every adult smoker’s distinctive usability and flavor preferences. Its success has resulted from remaining true to its genuine commitment towards making a great product with a great flavor experience, an unwavering mission that will continue for years to come.
“blu stands out because we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake,” said Rob Maneson, Vice President Sales at Fontem US, Inc. “We innovate to create a more positive experience for our consumers. We know they want a simple and efficient e-vapor device that offers a strong performance without any complicated bells and whistles, but they also want it to nail the draw and flavor they are looking for that other products on the market today simply lack.”

In listening to adult consumers’ feedback, blu has a unique understanding that in order for adult smokers to confidently choose vaping and blu, adults must have a consumer-focused product, the right to make an adult choice, and a variety of flavors that appeal to a broad range of adult taste preferences. With this regard, blu believes adults should continue to have access to each of these vital components, especially when it comes to providing appropriate flavor offerings and a robust lineup for the adult demographic.

“With 10 years in the game, I’d say our team is doing a pretty good job at matching our flavor and product offerings with consumer preferences,” said Maneson. “And we’re definitely not done. We know that flavors are central to the vaping experience, and adult consumers are requesting more variety, so we’ll continue to do the best we can to answer their call.”

blu recently unveiled two additional flavors to their myblu™ INTENSE line, both of which are available in 3.6 percent and 2.4 percent nicotine options. The Mint-sation liquidpods offer more than just your typical mint flavor, featuring the taste of fresh peppermint blended with subtle undertones of spearmint, to make this aromatic vape nothing short of sensational. Tobacco liquidpods deliver a more complex taste for the traditionalists out there, with an authentic blend fusing roasted tobacco flavor with nutty notes for a slight oaky finish. These flavors are featured as an extension to its myblu™ INTENSE liquidpod range. After successful sales online and at vape shops, blu brought this esteemed line to retailers around the country – and the response continues to be phenomenal.

myblu™ INTENSE liquids are pre-filled pods for use with the myblu™ device. The e-liquid blend with Pyrisalt™ nicotine salt provides a smooth and fully-satisfying experience that adult smokers are looking for. The myblu INTENSE line was introduced with five flavors that are offered in both 2.5% and 4% nicotine options. These include Honeymoon, a rich honey flavor with touches of creamy milk;
Neon Dream, a fruity and creamy blend; Citra Zing, a taste of citrus; Melon Time, a refreshing flavor of ripe, juicy fruit; Tobacco Chill, a cooling take on classic tobacco flavor. blu’s line extension offers choices equal or greater to all competitors in every taste segment, whether they’re looking for fresh, earthy, fruity, or savory options.

Since flavors are central to the vaping experience and play such an important role in adult smokers’ transition from cigarettes to vaping, blu is working diligently to keep a wide array of flavors on the market while curbing youth access and usages of EVPs. To strengthen blu’s commitment to this notion, blu proactively and independently made the decision to remove non-descriptive verbiage from flavor names that appear on our packaging across all product lines. Packaging updates are completed for 85 percent of blu’s product volume and will begin to flow into retail stores over the next few months, as stock rotates naturally through the supply chain. SVBS

About blu: blu is a leader of electronic cigarettes. Launched in 2009 with consumer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do and the ambition to be the best, blu does more than offer high quality vapor products. The brand works carefully to truly satisfy its customers, designing products for the adult consumer in a variety of disposable and rechargeable form factors and flavors. blu is available online and in stores in the four largest vapor markets worldwide: USA, UK, France, Italy.