California; a playland of blue waters, white sandy beaches, crystal clear skies and endless horizons. A place where dreams come to reality and each day seems like the weather is even better than the day before. It was in this beautiful setting, that the Vapor Industry set its flag into the ground. The home of e-liquid.

Recently, this paradise has fallen subject to laws, regulations and taxes, making it that much harder for the once free flying vape industry to continue its massive growth. Shops that were once bustling with 10 new brands a day, seem to have been slowed down by the decreasing margins, and the increased restrictions on samples and packaging. Enter Lemon Twist E-Liquid; or, as we like to call it, Liquid Gold from California. Here at Lemon Twist, we wanted to create a brand that resonated with the locals, a hometown hero to root for, a brand so bright, so beautifully refreshing, that it encompassed everything that this wonderful state represents. Taking in a mouth full of Lemon Twist Vapor is like going on vacation, it captures the imagination of locals and tourists alike, and speaks volumes about the Cali lifestyle and what it is like to call this place home.

Four years ago, we started to master the flavor design of e-liquids. People needed an escape, they needed something to take their mind o the lulls of the day, a product, no, a vape, to be excited about. This has been our mission, and the masterpiece has been unveiled.


Lemon Twist isn’t your run of the mill e-liquid brand. It’s a fruit brand that touches every avenue of vape; from the cool summer lemonade you sip on Malibu Beach, to the warm desserts that give you comfort in the Winter (Please Excuse the Spoliers!). Its unique twin 60ML chubby gorilla bottles re-imagine the 120ML packaging market and encourage consumers to “share the wealth”. Two 60ML bottles in one box mean the options are endless; take one to the once and leave one home, split the box cost with a friend, or just give a gift to a random vaper once they ask you what that awesome smell is because, hey, it’s afordable! Let’s be honest, no one wants a bulky 120ML chubby in their pants! This brand gives people something to talk about, an innovative product in these times of change, and a representation of the growth of our industry. The introduction of “social currency” in the Vape Industry.


From a business standpoint, you couldn’t ask for a more lucrative product. From distribution, all the way down to the vape shop and consumer levels, this product is priced to propel consumption; generating valuable profit through every sales channel so we can all “share the liquid gold”. The vape industry is the California gold rush all over again, and Lemon Twist is the Golden Oak! It’s an American brand, with American values. America is happiness, America is Opportunity and Growth, America is Abundance. We believe in abundance for all partners involved. When we all generate wealth, we can all succeed together. It’s the American way.


Touching on support and success, we here at Lemon Twist also feel a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in the vaping community. Together we must create long lasting products, geared toward the adult vape enthusiast, that showcase the creativity, innovation, and intentions of our industry. We must think long term. In this respect, lemonade, is a true gift of nature. Natural sugar, coupled with a superfruit and water. It’s simple and that’s what makes it beautiful. That clean, crisp, refreshing taste is what our Lemon Twist lemonade flavors represent. A refreshing and delicious vape, free from all the harsh chemicals that vapers want to avoid.


As a brand, Lemon Twist can promise trustworthy flavors, that will stand the test of time in this ever changing market. We imagine an industry full of unity and growth, combined success and life changing experiences. Together we can all make a difference. Pink Punch and Wild Watermelon Lemonade were our Maiden Voyage, so come on board and join us for our upcoming Peach Lemonade. We’re not saying it’s the best, but we did save it for last!