Triple The Flavor

With the global success of Twist flavors, it comes as no surprise that Twist E-Liquids has made a great impact on the vape industry, shown by the fact that they brought the innovative dual pack solution to market back in 2016. With this same drive, Twist E-Liquids is introducing a flavorful new line, and 360 by Twist E-Liquids is bound to be an exciting e-liquid blend.

The first flavor is the decadent and tasty, Triple Red, a unique and mouth-watering blend of the freshest fruits and berries that taste as if they were sourced from your local farmer’s market. 360 by Twist E-Liquids wants to give the highest quality e-juice to each and every vaper, and Triple Red is the latest testament to that core goal. With every inhale you are warmly invited to indulge in the tasteful medley of the finest blends of juicy watermelon, ripe strawberries, and tart raspberries, a combination that is sure to stimulate your senses and leave you wanting more.

Triple Melon is the newest addition to the 360 by Twist E-Liquids line. This amazing e-liquid combines the juicy flavors of fresh cantaloupe melons, honeydew, and watermelon in a subtle and crafty way. This gives rise to an irresistible new flavor experience that is bound to turn your life around for the better and cater to every melon lover’s dreams. Once this vape hits your palette and wafts over your tongue, you’ll want to indulge in these flavors over and over again.

The trio of flavors within each of these product lines, Triple Red and Triple Melon, are proof that good things do, in fact, come in 3’s. This trifecta of flavors is the pinnacle of vape perfection. With liquids and flavors this mouth-watering, 360 by Twist E-Liquids is on track to be an everyday part of a vape lover’s summer, and quite frankly the rest of their year.

With every inhale you are warmly invited to indulge in the tasteful medley of the finest and freshest blends of juicy watermelon, ripe strawberries, and tart raspberries.

A Trio Of Revolutionary Fruits
360 by Twist E-Liquids is more than just a flavor, it is the embodiment of a groundbreaking idea. Twist E-Liquids is looking to do more than push boundaries within the industry. The company is looking to craft fresh solutions that invite their customers to be part of new and exciting experiences. In addition to this, Twist E-Liquids is always looking to provide customers with more bang for their buck while they enjoy top of the line products.

It is this same pioneering mindset and desire to create that powers the ingenuity behind 360 by Twist E-Liquids. The branding and packaging of 360 embodies the forward-thinking ideas that are at the core of Twist E-Liquids. By consistently releasing innovative products that quickly become industry trends, Twist E-Liquids is becoming bigger and better.

A passion in creating flavors that are not only nuanced but flavorful for many people is what led them to create the best tasting proprietary lemon extract on the market, one that powers the taste of Twist’s famous Pink Punch Lemonade. Each of these e-liquid blends have been made to bring an unprecedented twist that makes for an exciting vape experience.

Now with the Triple Red and Triple Melon flavors from 360 by Twist E-Liquids they present a trio of fruit blends in a seamless way. This is done by bringing 3, 60 ml e-liquid, bottles to people in a nice and accessible way. Not only does this give buyers more bang for their buck, but it also gives wholesalers access to top of the line products for a fraction of the cost.

A Desire To Inspire
360 by Twist E-Liquids is the latest installment in Twist E-Liquids efforts to inspire change within the vape industry. As an industry leader, they are aware of how much of an impact they have, and it is this acute level of self-awareness that pushes them to elevate themselves as they continue to bring revolutionary new ideas to market. With several new flavors also set to hit the market soon, it is clear that Twist E-Liquids has no intention of slowing down, and every intention to continue to pioneer and evolve.

by Blending layered and nuanced flavors Twist E-Liquids creates unique flavor profiles

This evolution can be seen in the way the brand is resonating with vapers across the world. It has helped several of them change different parts of their everyday lives while they enjoy these flavors. Twist E-Liquids understands that vaping enriches a lot of people’s lives, and nothing represents this more than 360 by Twist E-Liquids. To see proof of this, visit 360 by Twist E-liquids on Instagram @mylifechanged360, to see just how impactful the brand has been in the lives of different vapers.

There are numerous stories of vapers who have found it easier to make a switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping simply because they were given access to top-notch e-juices that made it easier for them to do so. Twist E-Liquids is proud to be able to push the envelope in developing new and exciting flavors while simultaneously making vapers lives better.

If vaping has positively impacted your life in any way, big or small, let us know! Your opinion matters and your voice should be heard. Send 360 by Twist E-Liquids a message on Instagram at @mylifechanged360 and share your story with their team.

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Written by: Caleb Duku | Edited by: Jhoanna Enriquez