Ty Miner and his partners, Jason Waldron, Steve Waldron, and David Waldron, owners and founders of Heartlandvapes, are taking the vape world by storm offering a wide variety of vapor liquids and liquid supplies at wholesale prices. They started out looking to open a couple of vape shops in Oklahoma City when they realized there were many shops opening all over Oklahoma, so they did the research and decided to supply liquid vaping solutions to the shops. Soon after that they started Heartlandvapes in March of 2013 where they set up shop in a 720 square foot facility. In June, only three months later, they needed more space and had to move to a 2400 square foot building and in December 2014 they had to relocate yet again to a 13,000 square foot facility needed to house one of the largest inventories of vapor liquids and supplies in the business. Another expansion will be coming soon.


Alongside the 4 partners Heartlandvapes has grown to employ 22 people who work feverishly to pump out orders worldwide. Expecting to supply nothing more than the Oklahoma Vape Shops, Heartlandvapes has surprisingly grown to filling orders in countries as far as England, Australia and China. Why have they grown so rapidly in only three years? Heartlandvapes offers better pricing than the competitors making it a lot more profitable to the buyer. In addition to the low cost, Heartlandvapes offers high quality liquids that ship in just 2 to 3 business days. All of the closely bonded employees really do hold themselves to the high standard that they promise.

Nestled in the center of an 800 square foot clean room at the Heartlandvapes facility sits a state-of-the-art automated bottling system that makes 10ml and 30ml bottles of liquid, bulk flavorings and happens to be IS0 6 certified. ISO is short for; International Standards Organization. What this means is that the liquid is mixed and bottled in a clean room where harmful airborne organisms are controlled and kept at a minimal. Each clean room is tested and given a grade where the lowest number represents the cleanest air. The air in the cleanroom is tested to see how many harmful organisms exist in a per cubic meter measurement and given a grade such as ISO 7 or ISO 8. Most Vaping liquid facility clean rooms are graded at IS0 7 or IS0 8, which means Heartlandvapes delivers a cleaner product scoring an impressive ISO 6; moreover, this is the only clean room of its kind in the region and produces the finest USP liquids available in today’s market.


This fast growing company offers ready-to-vape liquids in a wide variety of sizes. They have developed two brands; Heartland™ and E-Drops®, which come prepackaged with over 40 industry standard flavors to choose from. Co-packaging is also available for those who wish to have Heartlandvapes do the manufacturing for them. They also provide e-liquid in bulk allowing retailers to re-label, re-bottle and do the dispensing on their own with 114 industry standard flavors to choose from.

For those who prefer to mix their own, Heartlandvapes has vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol based liquids ranging from 120ml bottles to 55 gallon drums. They have an astounding 273 industry standard flavors to choose from along with all of the accessories to include bottles, syringes and gloves. There is also a DIY Starter Kit available for first timers. Looking for a quality nicotine source? Look no further, Heartlandvapes is one of the largest suppliers of nicotine for the eLiquid industry. There are even resource links on the company’s website where vape shops who choose to mix on their own liquid can find step-by-step directions.


In addition to the many types of liquids, Heartlandvapes offers a wide variety of bottles and bottle accessories. They carry empty glass bottles in several colors, such as pink, brown, clear, matte black, red and blue, and plastic e-liquid bottles offered in 100 lots. They also carry the larger plastic bottles for storing bulk e-liquids with a variety of caps and spouts.

Here is what people are saying about Heartlandvapes:

“I took the plunge and tried them because they were the cheapest around and figured why not? They have some of the best out of anyone I have tried for the price…I don’t need a bulk order right now. But if I did I would go to them…I was sick and didn’t mix for a couple weeks but my last non freezer bottle was half empty and started to color from oxidation. I tested it and it was just as potent as the day I got it and it smelled the same and I mixed a bit and it tasted the same as the others…can’t go wrong with them IMHO…”

“At Heartland you don’t get a fancy name (that doesn’t tell you what flavor it is) or a fancy label (that you can’t vape) you just get good juice that tastes like the flavor it says it is. I think I’ve tried over a 100 different flavors and only one I didn’t like, (wintergreen, and I’ve tried wintergreen from 3 other places and didn’t like them either) A good place to start is with their sample pack.”

“Almost all of my supplies have come from Heartlandvapes. I’ve never had a problem and it’s all been great quality.”

Heartlandvapes offers everything from pre-packaged, pre-labeled eLiquids and flavors, to packaging a specific recipe given to them (co-packing), to shipping necessary ingredients for those who prefer to do the mixing themselves. The price is right and the ingredients are of the highest quality available. It seems too good to be true, but it’s not. In reality, it’s simply good business and building an excellent reputation! SVBS

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