As vaping continues to expand and evolve, the demand for new, high-quality products increases. Today there are more than 9 million people – and counting – in the United States alone, who regularly vape. Needless to say, the industry is crowded. Not only are there vape stores on practically every corner, but e-juice manufacturers are increasing, too. Just not in the right places.

The Problem with Growth
Theoretically, more manufacturers should be a great thing. This means more variety and more competition driving companies to perform at their very best. The problem is that not all companies are driven to provide quality service or even quality products and most manufacturers are based out of the West Coast.

Lizard Juice, a Florida-based retailer and now e-juice manufacturer, felt the pain firsthand being an East Coast vape company dealing with California manufacturers. Their suppliers continuously ran late on shipments and backtracked on their commitments. As Lizard Juice shopped around for a new manufacturer, they quickly realized that the quality labs were expensive and couldn’t handle volume while also controlling quality. This sparked an idea. Gary Wilder, owner of Lizard Juice, began dreaming of how he would run an e-juice manufacturing company.


Setting Higher Standards for the East Coast
Wilder set out to create his dream. The result is a pristine, fully-automated lab that produces mass quantities of premium e-juice, while guaranteeing quality and shipment dates. Not only can Lizard Juice fulfill huge orders, but they also take smaller orders which abide by the same high standards Lizard Juice has established.

As a retailer, Wilder understands the importance of accuracy – correct nicotine levels and bottle sizes, as well as quality. To ensure Lizard Juice’s customers are completely satisfied, they instituted a 30 day buyback guarantee. The Lizard Juice guarantee ensures that their customers never get stuck with juice they can’t sell.

This is an example of a retailer trying to change things for their fellow vapers. Sadly, most of the vaping industry isn’t run this way and it’s all-too-common to run into manufacturers who overpromise and under deliver.

Lizard Juice is one of the few companies who stand by their word – not just through talk, but by implementing a solid guarantee. This is definitely one company to keep your eye on.

Q&A With Lizard Juice

What sets Lizard Juice apart from other wholesalers and manufacturers?
We know the pains of retailers because that’s where we began. We had over a dozen stores before we decided to begin manufacturing for ourselves because none of the West Coast manufacturers that we were dealing with could meet our expectations.

What need does your company fill in today’s market?
Because of the pains that we had dealing with manufacturers in our retail stores we know what people want. We guarantee on-time ship dates for both wholesaling and manufacturing. We always have every flavor and nicotine level in stock ready to ship.

How has the industry changed and where do you see it – and you – in the next few years?
With the introduction of the new regulations by the FDA the industry is currently downsizing. Where a year ago the market was saturated by new companies, today manufacturing labs and juice companies have less than two years to meet all of the new regulations. Many are already leaving the US market and over the next two years only the most proficient and forward-looking companies will survive.

What’s a big trend people should watch out for?
When we began Lizard Juice, all of the e-juice manufacturers were based out of California. Today, Florida has become home to some of the largest vape and e-juice companies in the US. VaporFi, Vapor Shark and Lizard Juice are delivering the best quality e-juice on the market and vape shops have noticed. My team at Lizard Juice saw the existing gap in the manufacturing industry and knew with our experience and drive we could be the best. The industry that started in California has quickly moved to the east coast, where taxes are less and work ethic is far better. Florida has quickly become the new California of the vape industry.

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