Outlaw Dog E-liquid was founded on the premise of quality. From day one, the goal has been to provide the best tasting e-liquid, while maintaining the highest standard of production available to the e-liquid industry. Their flavors were hand crafted by a Master Flavorist to appeal to those who seek a premium tobacco flavored e-liquid. Whether to either expand their current pallets, or begin their journey of becoming smoke free with vaping, they want Outlaw Dog to be your brand of choice. More often than not, those who have ceased the use of tobacco tend to relapse and start using tobacco again due to a number of reasons. One of those reasons being the difficulty of finding a true tobacco flavored e-liquid that would simulate the flavor and sensation of the real thing (cigarette). Outlaw Dog has accomplished exactly that, without all of the harmful chemicals and additives. These flavors were created with the current FDA regulations in mind, ensuring they meet all current and future standards. Their great flavors derived from classic concepts, with a modern twist which is sure to positively appeal to the senses.
The Outlaw Dog Difference
Outlaw Dog E-Liquid differs from other manufacturers as their e-liquid is crafted with more than monetary gain in mind. The founders of Outlaw Dog know the struggle that smokers face when trying to kick the habit and transition to other forms of nicotine delivery. Many consumers seek to stop smoking for a variety of reasons, but health and well-being seem to be the driving factors behind the goals of many. Unfortunately, the transition from smoking to vaping becomes difficult as current smokers have a hard time finding a reasonable alternative to the flavor and sensations to which they are accustomed. A quality e-liquid consists of the right ratio of VG/PG, as well as the highest grade of flavors and nicotine, and at Outlaw Dog, they have spent countless hours formulating the perfect balance that many are looking for. Their e-liquid is produced in facilities utilizing positive airflow technology to reduce the number of airborne particles that could end up in the end product during the mixing, and bottling process. They are fully ISO 7 certified, and GMP compliant. Alongside their pharmaceutical grade process, they have multiple levels of quality assurance guidelines that are strictly adhered to in order to provide the same consistent flavor throughout each bottle of our e-liquid.

Outlaw Dog Web
We’re with You – “Lock, Stock, and Barrel”
Unlike many e-liquid companies who sell you some juice, give you a hearty slap on the back, and send you on your way, Outlaw Dog wants to be your partner to help you drive sales, not only for their brand, but ALL of your brands. With their “Lock, Stock, and Barrel” customer support program (developed in partnership with GSD Marketing), they help you with all aspects of marketing the Outlaw Dog brand. The Lock, Stock and Barrel program provides the marketing support you need to maximize sales, including:

• Sales ‘bonuses’ and ‘spiffs’ to you and your staff

• Full store merchandizing packages that include
window and floor vinyls, free-standing floor or
table-top displays, and brand stickers.

• Free 15 ml bottles for your shop to help gain
recognition and create brand awareness

• Discounted direct mail services for ALL brands

• Discounted printing services for your business,
including event marketing and promotional materials

• KickTheSmokingHabit.com provided as a
complimentary smoking cessation support site


To go along with Outlaw Dog’s outstanding e-liquids, a new branded smoking cessation website titled KickTheSmokingHabit.com was developed to assist those who are transitioning from smoking to vaping.
We Market for You – for Free!
Their branded website, KickTheSmokingHabit.com will provide a step-by-step guide based on industry standards to assist consumers in their process of becoming smoke free. A consumer simply signs up, completes a short profile, and is on their way to reaching their goals.

KickTheSmokingHabit.com can be private labeled and plugged directly into your website, to give your customers the sense that your shop provides the website and is personally behind them on their journey to become smoke free. Better yet, you don’t need to do anything. They will manage and maintain all content on the site, to ensure your customers receive the very best information along this journey. They will send out various, timed emails with steps and goals pertaining to becoming smoke free with vaping as well as additional information, and advice on what they may experience.

As an added-value to vapor shops, Outlaw Dog will provide access to this website for use with your vapor shops customers as they start their journey. The emails can also be private labeled with your vapor shop’s information. This will help to drive repeat business to your shop during the time that your customer makes their journey from smoker to vaper.

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