At Twist E-liquids, we take pride in the fact that we have been causing a ruckus in the vape industry since the release of our first flavor, Pink Punch. The 120mL dual-pack solution designed for sharing with a friend, as well as the exclusively-sourced lemon concentrate that only our mixologist uses, all led to Lemon Twist quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in vape. We were fortunate enough to have success early on, but this past year has truly unfolded into an incredibly exciting journey for us as a company.

We are manufactured and distributed out of Los Angeles, but we’ve had the opportunity to take Twist all over the world, and we are now sold in over 50 countries globally. Every trade show and expo exhibition has allowed us to connect with previously undiscovered markets, and make new friends and partners. We are nothing if we aren’t serving the vape community, improving the lives of vapers, and furthering the cause of the vape industry. For this reason, it has been such an honor to win Best Of ECC Ontario twice this year. To be held in such high esteem, in the heart of where both we and the vape industry as a whole began is not only humbling, but also validating for a great deal of hard work for our entire team.

Storming the market with a primarily beverage-focused brand in the fall and winter of 2017 put the wind in our sails, allowing us to to take Twist to the next stage. In February 2018, we took Twist to another level, bringing candy flavors to the brand with our second line in the collection, Melon Twist. Our first flavor, Honeydew Melon Chew, a deliciously accurate honeydew-cantaloupe chewy candy, immediately became a top-seller for us. At Twist, we always want to give the people what they want, so we further extended the Melon line with Watermelon Madness, a straight-ahead, juicy watermelon candy flavor. Melon Twist allowed us as a brand to expand from being known as a lemon beverage line, to being known for multiple flavor profiles and fruit flavors. It’s hard to cross over and grow as a brand immediately, and we are beyond grateful that we were able to make it happen with Twist.

With the success of expanding into varied flavor profiles reinforcing Twist as a brand to be taken seriously, we followed up Melon Twist by launching our seven exotic-fruit blend, Fruit Twist. We invited people to “vape the rainbow,” so to speak, and what a rainbow it truly is! One of the most exciting things we have seen with this flavor is that when people vape Fruit Twist, they immediately comment on how you can taste a different fruit on each exhale. You’ll have to vape it for yourself to really experience how special Fruit Twist is.

This summer has been a particularly hot one in LA, but we had just the solution for the vape market: ice flavors. We know there’s nothing like a touch of menthol to cool vapers down on a hot day, and with our consumers’ needs and wants being invariably first in mind, we knew it was time to bring it to Twist. We led with Chilled Melon Remix in the Melon line, taking Watermelon Madness and putting it on the rocks for a mouth-watering blend of sweet watermelon and cool menthol. The flavor was very well-received at ECC Ontario this past August, and we had the next instant classic ready to follow suit. We twisted up our tried and true flagship flavor by adding some ice, for Iced Pink Punch. For vapers who have always loved this flavor of freshly squeezed lemons with a tart mixed red berry fusion, you can now have it on ice.

What’s been missing until now in the Twist family? Desserts.

Enter Cookie Twist, with flavors to excite every dessert fan! As the seasons change, the market starts to crave dessert vapes, and those flavors tend to sell best in fall and winter. With that in mind, we thought that it was time to introduce this flavor profile to the Twist family. Leading off for the Cookie Twist line will be Frosted Sugar Cookie, a light and airy, almost cake-like confection, topped with warm vanilla frosting and candy sprinkles for good measure. Two more flavors will be revealed by the end of 2018, and we can’t wait to share our cookies with you.

We now have eleven top-of-the-line flavors to offer, with nothing but cutting-edge, high-quality products to come in the future! It is an equal priority to us at Twist E-liquids that our flavors are the best-tasting on the market, that our branding is responsible and appealing, and that our sales and marketing teams offer exceptional support to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike. We are in a constant state of reevaluation, working tirelessly to create and refine innovative and fresh ideas, and it is of the utmost importance to us that we are at the forefront of the vape industry with everything we do. Stay tuned in to Twist – you shan’t be disappointed.

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