The landscape of marketing is completely different from what it was years ago. It used to be enough to simply inform customers with in-store signs. Today’s modern consumer is highly distracted and engulfed in technology, rendering traditional signs ineffective.

Technology is evolving rapidly and it’s time to jump on board or risk losing valuable business to your competitors. Here are ten reasons to use digital signage in your stores:

1. Save Time and Money – Traditional signs require time; time to design them yourself or the time it takes a graphic designer to do it for you, and of course the time required to print them. Then you have to pay for printing and shipping. Turnaround time could be days to weeks even when the process runs smoothly. Throw press or production problems into the mix and even more time is wasted, costing you money and possibly forcing you to rethink promotions entirely.

Digital signs can be designed and changed on the fly and deployed instantly. No printing, shipping, or waiting required. Plus, those paper signs you spent good money on will eventually make their way into the garbage once they get damaged, worn out, or are no longer relevant.

2. Engaging Content –Things that interest us engage our attention to the point where we simply can’t turn away. Digital signage’s compelling content does more than get your customers’ attention, it gets their business as well. According to a Nielson* study “68% of customers agreed that digital signage would “influence their decision to buy the advertised product in the future” and 44% agreed it would “influence them to buy the advertised product instead of one they planned to buy.”

3. Extraordinary Flexibility – Without the constraints of traditional printing and production time, digital signs offer the ultimate flexibility. With a reputable cloud-based solution, you can change your ad content from anywhere in the world on any device and deploy those changes instantly to one or all of your retail locations.

Notice sales trends or have slow movers? Changing prices and promotions are no longer marketing speed bumps. Digital signage allows you to make changes quickly and easily. Digital advertisements can create demand for your new or slow selling products. Why settle for keeping pace with trends when you can set them?

4. Significant ROI –One consumer survey done by the Nielson* research firm revealed substantial sales increases for brands using in-store digital signage displays. “Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33 percent in additional sales through the use of DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) media.”

5. Schedule Promotions in Advance –With digital signage you can schedule your advertisements weeks, months, or even years in advance. You can also schedule your digital ads to rotate multiple times throughout the day. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to switch to digital signage is not having to worry about missing a promotion because you forgot to put out the signs or didn’t have them in time.

6. Manage Multiple Locations at Once – Cloud-based digital signage solutions allow you to deploy content to multiple locations at once. These digital signage solutions also allow you to create custom advertisements and promotions to run in specific retail locations, taking advantage of regional sales trends.

7. Increase Brand Recognition and Loyalty – The use of your company logo, brand colors, taglines, and value statements in your digital signs can increase brand recognition. They also build loyalty when consumers make the connection between their shopping experience and your brand. You can use your digital signs to advertise specials for loyalty members and let customers know how they can quickly and easily sign up to get discounts and earn rewards.

8. Save Your Prime Real Estate – Traditional signs take up floor space while also incurring wear and tear from being moved and knocked about by shoppers or employees who are stocking shelves. Digital signs hung neatly on walls or suspended from the ceiling leave your stores’ prime real estate available for your most valuable commodity – your inventory.
9. Generate Impulse Buys and Upsells – Simply having digital signs around your stores can entice customers to buy items they hadn’t planned on purchasing. Customer facing displays at the checkout can generate impulse buys and upsells. Generate demand for your slow-moving products and showcase your new ones by using digital displays that create a sense of urgency. Flash sales or prominently displayed sale dates are a great way to accomplish this.

10. Keep Customers in Your Store Longer – Consumers view digital signage far longer than traditional signs. Another benefit is that it keeps your customers in your stores longer. The longer their dwell time in store, the more money they are likely to spend.

A study by Pathintelligence* entitled Time is Money: Shoppers Buy More When They Stay Longer found that there is a positive and significant correlation between dwell time and sales. It concludes that “increases in the average daily dwell time of 1% corresponds with an overall increase in sales of 1.3%.”

Traditional signs have become an invisible part of the retail environment, blending into the aisles. Digital signs break the peripheral blindness to draw customers’ eyes with vibrant colors, animation, and video. Digital signs will do more for your business than drive sales, they will allow you to be proactive and strategic with your marketing efforts. SVBS

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Nielson (link to

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Erin Johnson is a Marketing Specialist for MMS Distribution, L.L.C. She has fifteen years of experience in marketing for print, web, radio, and television. She currently serves as brand ambassador for Bo. Learn all about Bo at