Apple definitely just pissed off a bunch of it’s customers. Out of the millions of vapers in the world, how many of them use Apple products? Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Well, this new news may surprise you.

If you are an avid vape enthusiast and use Apple’s products, I’m sure you have come across the Planet of the Vapes (POTV) Forum App. If you haven’t experienced this app yet, it helps new vapers out with questions, provides reviews of products, and offers open discussion forums for all of your vaping questions and answers. Well, when POTV went to update their 3 year old app, Apple shut them down.

With the new policy changes for Apple, they will no longer accept new vaping apps and will refuse to update current vaping apps. This information was explicitly listed in a notice from Apple to POTV. The notice stated:

“We found that your app facilitates the sale or promotes the use of tobacco or nicotine related paraphernalia, including but not limited to cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, and/or e-cigarettes, which is not permitted on the App Store.”

Apple is no longer accepting any apps related to tobacco or nicotine at all. You would think with how technology is advancing, this tech savvy company would want to help the millions of customers that use Apple products to stay safe. But here’s the real kicker!

Just days after the news about Apple pulling their vaping apps, a new patent was released. The patent sounds exactly like a new kind of vaporizer. Was this Apple’s intention all along? The company who refuses to promote apps that contain anything tobacco or vaping related now has a patent to enter the vaping market?

The well known company had a patent released earlier this week that closely resembles a vaporizer. The crazy thing is that Apple just denied Planet of the Vapes to update their app because it is vaping related. Apple will also not be allowing any new vaping or tobacco related apps onto their App Store. This would be way too convenient for them if they truly are trying to enter the vaping market.

That being said, the patent does not specify what kind of vaporizer this device is. Now that marijuana is being legalized, could Apple be trying to dip into that market? Or are they trying to dip into the Vaping Industry? With all the FDA regulations still in tow, one may be wary of trying to enter this market. But could this be good news for vaping?

Big business and technology go hand-in-hand at this point. If Apple is trying to enter the vaping industry, would they advocate for vapers in the fight against the FDA? If Apple did join our cause, this could be a major win for us. Having one of the most well-known companies worldwide on our side could change the views of everyone! Government agencies, like the FDA, could back down on their hunt to destroy vaping if this happened.

On the other side, is Apple teaming up with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma to create a device that will outrank other devices? With IQOS and other devices being released by Big Tobacco companies, this could also make sense for them. If Apple and Big Tobacco teamed up, the device would be potentially flawless, popular, and uncomparable! Apple has already taken over the technology industry with iPhone, iPad, and Mac products, so what’s to say that people wouldn’t flock to an iVape? Could this be Big Tobacco, Apple, Big Pharma, and the FDA working together to bring down the vaping industry for good?

There are many questions to be asked here. Is Apple actually making a vape device? If so, is Apple on our side? Could this be the final Mod released? What’s in store for the Vaping Industry if Apple takes over? We will have to wait and see. SVBS


Matthew O’Donnell is a Store Manager and Industry/Product Information Specialist at Lizard Juice. Born and raised in Clearwater, Matthew is a leading expert in the vaping industry and community. He has been an avid vape enthusiast for over 5 years and his knowledge is endless. Matt truly lives the healthy lifestyle that vaping brings to individuals. He was a college athlete and a personal trainer. Vaping changed Matthew’s life. His daily goal is to help change yours too! You can contact Matthew at [email protected] or visit his website at or