When vaporizers were first new, they were popping up everywhere. Everywhere you went, you would see vapes whether it was in a gas station or a small local market. It has since changed with different laws but most of all, the market has matured. Vaporizers went through many phases of different styles and forms.

As time went on, people decided to make fake versions of the authentic vape. Companies like Aspire, Grenco Science, or even e-juice and nicotine salt companies were getting duped. Many people that buy from many smoke shops end up getting a fake because the store owner doesn’t even know. They just buy what’s out there and for the best price. Buying at a low price usually means you’re sacrificing the quality. When it comes to inhaling materials that you’re burning or heating, you want to make sure your vape pen isn’t burning off any unwanted chemicals. The manufacturer oils used in these vapes can also be different than what’s normally used.

What are Counterfeit Vapes
Fake or counterfeit vapes are not a new thing but they are definitely something to worry about. Not only are they taking away business from the actual manufacturer but many people are smoking from sub-par quality vapes. This can be real harmful if the new internal features of the device leak into the material you’re vaping and are inhaled.

These fakes are made to look completely authentic. Everything is almost identical to the real version so it gets hard to tell. Everything is made the same even the serial number. The manual inside the box is even the same as usual but it contains a few grammar or spelling mistakes. The serial number is usually how the fakes get caught. When the user submits to warranty, they usually find out from the manufacturer or distributor that its fake. These vapes also don’t last too long. They either short circuit or the battery stops holding charge. Often times, vape pen batteries that explode are fake or are not closely inspected by the quality assurance team.

Why Fakes are Bad
Fakes are bad for many reasons but the main two are it takes away from the manufacturer and the quality it’s made from. Vapes have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Chinese companies who make fake products are only in it for their profits. With giant chinese e-commerce sites gaining popularity, selling these becomes easier.

Why They’re Hitting the Market
Buying and selling to smoke shops, vape shops or even dispensaries has become easier with the internet. The spread of all these only becomes easier to manipulate. Many companies even cut corners in order to save money. Although this can be easy up front, it can be harmful to the vaper.

Different Types
Counterfeit vapes can also produce different results than the real version. There are different reasons for different kinds of vape pens.

Dry Herb Vaporizers
One of the most well known types of vapes are portable vaporizers. Herbal vapes come in a variety of different designs and a plethora of companies make them. They also come in different forms from a conduction vape to a convection style heating. Conduction style heating is when the herbs touch the coil directly whereas convection style vapes let the heat travel through the chamber to heat the herbs. Using a convection vape is a great way to make sure you’re being efficient with your herbal vape.

The heating aspect of dry herb vaporizers can heat up the internal features which can create rust easier. Overtime, this will deteriorate and inhaling these can be harmful. Some of the most popular herbal vaporizers that are faked are the PAX, fake G Pen Snoop Dogg, Magic Flight Launch Box, and much more.

Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes, mods and pod vapes have a bigger market of the industry than any other device. More people smoke nicotine than cannabis so fraudulent companies love to go after a bigger market. There is more money to be made here. Even more smoke shops carry e-cigs and there are vape shops that are specifically made for these. Some of the lower brand name companies tend to get ripped off here.

Certain types of mods exceed the thousand dollar mark. These tend to get hit up with fakes because of the price point.

Vape Cartridges
Vape cartridges filled with thc oil have been the recent product that has been getting replicated. Many new vape cartridge companies have been finding their brand cartridges sold online by non authorized retailers or chinese sites. These are generally bought by illegal marijuana growers, filled up with their own homemade oils and sold on the black market. SVBS

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