It’s impossible to deny that the vape industry is growing at a very fast pace. A great number of eLiquid producers are all trying to attract a group of consumers that continues to grow as more people trade their cigarettes for eCigarettes. The downside is that this increases each customer’s cost per acquisition to you vape shop.

You might look into AdWords or other PPC campaigns in an attempt to attract traffic and potential customers, but those are dead-ends. Google and Facebook don’t allow ‘tobacco’-related products. Most vapers will actively recommend a specific business and its products when they find a company they like. This is why an email marketing campaign might be the best route in attracting new customers, keeping track of your current customers and increasing your sales.

How Marketing Automation Platforms Improve Sales
Most companies, even Vape Shops, will eventually run into two problems by trying traditional methods instead of a Marketing Automation Platform. If you happen to keep track of your potential customers or leads solely on a spreadsheet, you will just have a list of names with their respective contact information without any idea of why these people contacted the company or why it would be beneficial to contact them.

The person in charge of contacting these leads will run into our first problem: “Who should we contact?”. Since we have a list of leads but no idea of where they are on the buying process or if there’s any interest at all, we can’t take the correct steps to convert this lead into a customer.

The marketing team will run into our second problem: “Who do we contact first?”. If there’s no way to obtain some insight on the leads’ behavior before they are handed to the Sales team, they can’t be prioritized. This results in the Sales team not knowing who to contact first, which means you might end up losing that potential customer.

Now to properly understand how these platforms can help you increase your Vape Shop’s sales, we have broken it into five major benefits.

Organizing the leads
If the marketing team gathers the leads manually, much valued time is being wasted and errors might occur in the process. With a marketing automation platform, lead capture is automatically organized. This means that your team doesn’t have to wait and organize the leads before you’re able to contact them; you can contact your leads right away.

Identify who to contact and who to contact first
If leads aren’t prioritized, you might be wasting time on leads that aren’t ready to buy your product or service just yet. With marketing automation, you’re provided Lead and Engagement Scores that help quantify buying intent.

Understand leads’ requirements
In an experienced team, your salesperson can probably tell what the lead wants after a short conversation, but not all leads have the same needs. With a marketing automation platform, your team can adapt accordingly since they have a complete view of the prospect’s interaction with your website. With all this background, the Sales team will be able to start the email with a personalized pitch that is bound to convert that lead.

Reduced response time
By using an automated platform you can reduce your team’s response time when contacting a lead. Once the lead signs up, a personalized auto reply can be instantly sent as well as a notification to the salesperson it has been assigned to so the lead is contacted as quickly as possible.

Increase cross-selling or up-selling
The potential of an existing customer to buy from you again is extremely high. However, these customers won’t immediately buy as soon as they are contacted, they need to be nurtured before they happen to buy again.

This can be accomplished through regular, quality emails. It’s even better if you customize them according to the season. These should be personalized, direct and sent at a time when the content is highly relevant. With an automated platform, nurturing can be easily accomplished. Drip campaigns and email campaigns can nurture the clients without the marketing team having to spend additional time, just create a campaign and use a specific event to trigger it.

Marketing Automation Platforms help the entire process by aligning sales and marketing and consequently improving ROI. Your sales increase might not be evident immediately, but you will gradually see how your team is interacting with clients more efficiently. They will now be able to focus completely on the customer instead of running around in circles. SVBS

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