When it comes to alternative medicine therapies, improving your health, being mindful about the environment and overall wellness, vaporization has become a major front-facing issue in today’s news. For business owners in the industry, we struggle with dissecting new information, then presenting added value in vaporization over traditional combustion methods to consumers, especially those that are conscious about their personal health alternatives.

Smoke, pollutants and other elements in the air may not only cause all kind of health problems to yourself and other around you but also, affect your mood negatively. When we talk about vaporization, we want to make sure that not only we properly support the obvious beneficial properties of choosing this over analog smoking, but as well take it to the next level by adding temperature control. This allows anyone to craft their experience and output in a way that can truly maximize health benefits.


Cloud chasing, heat steeping, lung hits, and underground competitions give you a perspective that vaporization is on the rise in popularity and a sub-culture is being birthed from this developing industry. As business owners and influencers in the industry, we have an obligation to support quality products while educating to promote advocation of the BEST reasons to vaporize and not solely because it is popular.

Let’s be honest, almost anyone is familiar with portable vaporizers, but there are still a few out there that do not understand their true purpose. Whether it was learned through advertising campaigns highlighting new ideas on turning to vaporizers to quit smoking, or to aid in their recovery process after a respiratory disease, vapor is healthier compared to smoke.

The most exact description of vaporization, at least through a portable vaporizer, is a desktop or handheld device capable of heating medicinal plants, aromatic scents and oils up to a temperature that releases either a subtle vapor aroma that contribute to your overall wellness. There are even herbs and spices that you already know of with incredible upside in providing users with specific health and relaxation benefits like eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and much more.


With proper education and support behind the counter, customers should no longer be fearful to walk into a vapor, or smoke shop, and feel intimidated or irritation from lack of knowledge. It is important to communicate that the best vaporizers are those that serve the purpose they were manufactured for and not just a popular vaporizer that results in poor performance.

Consumers can now craft their experience in a variety of shapes and sizes, where the primary function remains the same which is heating your material of choice at a cooler temperature than required for burning (combustion).


Exploration in temperature control has improved exponentially over the last few years especially where understanding variants in degrees can really change how materials deliver beneficial properties. The temperature of vaporization is around 200°C or 392°F and most active materials are converted into a gas or vapor at this temperature where the end result is a smokeless vapor that when inhaled will deliver all of the best qualities without the harmful chemicals commonly found in analog smoking.
Once an individual chooses the vaporizer that is right for them, then it is time for them to explore any materials out there that fit within the recommendations of the chosen device. If you are experiencing hesitation at the point of purchase and the consumer still needs convincing, then we have to go back to education, even at the point-of-sale and reinforce what chemicals are being avoided simply by choosing vaporization. Ammonia, arsenic, lead, cyanide and many other harmful chemicals have been identified in traditional smoking and have very harmful, if not lethal results.


There is a rise in vaporization popularity as we have seen in the most recent issues of very popular publications such as NEWSWEEK, Fortune, Forbes and many others. The last thing you want as a business owner is to have a lack of knowledge through any one person associated with your enterprise.

How can we sum up the choice of vaporization over traditional smoking methods? Peace of mind.

If we reinforce peace of mind then we can bring consumers to a place where they have a deeper understanding that burning any material results in releasing harmful by-products and tar, which of course has also been found in tobacco smoke. Researchers suggest that using a vaporizer decreases exposure to these by-products and their negative effects. Also, when it comes to using outside of your home, vaporizers are more versatile. When we compare to smoke, vapor produces purity with discretion to others nearby.

In a recent visit to a local vape shop, I asked an employee for more explanation about vaporizers and why I would choose an electronic vaporizer over analog smoking. Let’s just say the results were less than satisfactory, and if this is just one local shop in a small concentrated area, then there may be much more. The call-to-action is crucial as the big tobacco companies are already starting to make their own electronic cigarettes, which really do not seem to do the vaporizing industry justice. This may be an indication as to where the industry is heading, but if you begin strong initiatives to educate every front facing person in your business, we can stay ahead in the race of vaporizers vs. cigarettes. SVBS

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