With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaching, there are many ways to prepare your shop and employees for a profitable winter. Some affective ways to bring business into your Smoke or Vape Shop without breaking your budget include: Interactive Competitions, Seasonal Promotions, and a change in the ambience of your storefront.
The approaching holidays create a general sense of friendly competition between you and your local Smoke and Vape Shops. With that being said, bringing attention to your shop with interactive competitions gives you the ability to bring excitement into your shop. Some of the best competitions for drawing excitement within the vape community are cloud competitions, trick competitions, and coil building competitions. With cloud competitions, it is easier for the general population to feel welcomed to compete. You will therefore draw a larger crowd with more interactive competitors.
Comparatively, Trick competitions cater to a more selective and advanced group of customers. These will be the people that frequent your shop more often, leading to higher sales per customer. Not only will contestants enjoy competing; Spectators will also have an enjoyable time watching the fun unfold. If your customer base tends to be more interested in the mechanical aspect of vaping, a fun and educational competition, such as a Coil Building Comp, will provide the perfect environment for them. This will give customers the chance to express their originality, creativity, and their skills. The prizes for any of these competitions can include: Gift cards, juice, mods, and apparel. To fit in with the holiday season, try thinking of fun ways to deliver them! Gift bags, boxes wrapped with colorful paper and topped with bows, the options are endless and will spread holiday cheer. No matter the competition you choose, the outcome will always be positive.
There are multiple ways to spread excitement for the holidays and draw people into your Smoke or Vape shop. Seasonal promotions are the simplest and most effective way to do so! If there is one thing that people love about the holidays, it is the sales at their favorite store. Anyone loves an excuse to spend money, and a great sale is the perfect excuse. Flash sales are short, yet they generate immense amounts of attention for your shop and profit for your pockets. These sales last about 3 hours, and give a very specific time frame for the customer to come in and spend money. With this short time frame, it enables you to prepare your shop and your staff for the rush in traffic that you are fully expecting. Social media is a powerful tool that can help you spread the word about your sale to a large audience, without costing you a dime. A more long-term promotion that gets customers excited and invested are raffles! By offering tickets for spending a certain amount, over the course of two weeks to a month, you create a slow build of excitement. Customers will feel more obligated to reach the minimum purchase amount to obtain a ticket or two. Even though you’ll be giving something away for free, the amount of capital generated outweighs the loss.
The most important thing for a successful holiday season, is making your shop FEEL like it’s the holiday season. Simple things like cinnamon scented candles, playing holiday music, and putting up holiday decor will give your shop that winter wonderland vibe. You can also bring in inventory that reflects the holidays; seasonal flavors that resemble nostalgic holiday treats, brightly colored mods with twinkling lights, and festive apparel do wonders to convey the warmth of the holidays. Remember, customers like to feel like they are part of the family, and including them in the holiday season is a good way to accomplish that.   SVBS
Hunter Matthews and Alecia Isidore are from Panama City, FL. Hunter is the production manager for Chain Vapez LLC, and Alecia is the Marketing Manager. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with their families and taking care of their many pet fish.