The first step to growing your business is to understand that Vapor Liquids can be the gateway to better sales.

As we go through the motions day in and day out, it’s often hard to see past your local or regional market to figure out what is working and what is not. One best practice is to analyze what is happening on a national scale. Doing so, will allow you to appeal to a larger customer base and more importantly – acquire NEW customers.

For example, when CVS made the initial announcement that they were no longer selling cigarettes in their stores, did you buy more Mods for the Drippers or did you plan ahead to capitalize on this gift by purchasing nationally popular tobacco blends and marketing accordingly to these adult smokers? I call this a gift because the cost of customer acquisition can be very expensive, however, when a national company hands you a portion of their customer base for free, it’s a must to respond.

If you can step outside of your local environment for a brief second – it will give you the chance to see things from a larger perspective.

It’s my opinion that hardware is mostly defined at this point. There are starter kits, medium to high end units, and the super high end enthusiast line. Every week or so there is a new style, design, color, shape or feature released – however, they are all based on the following basic principles:

• a rechargeable battery
• a vaporization chamber
• a cartridge or tank

If you can agree that quality hardware is readily available and that some from of basic design and functionality is defined, then what would be the remaining critical common denominator?

Before I answer that, let’s look at a few reasons why people start vaping in the first place; especially why traditional cigarette smokers are making the transition daily.

►Nicotine Delivery (physical need)
►Flavor Advantage (personal preference)
►Hand To Mouth Action (physiological need)
In summary, 2 out of 3 major points demonstrate that the quality of the vapor liquid is critical. “This is one of the most important topics of our initial training when on boarding a new wholesale account. Customer retention is vital to any organization and has an absolute positive (or negative) effect on profitability.” says Danica Niketic, VP of Business Development.

Additionally, as regulations change, vapor is becoming closely associated to tobacco. Don’t be surprised if the way you are legally allowed to do business today, changes tomorrow. In most of Los Angeles County, as of just several months ago, retailers can no longer sample liquids within their stores and can be fined heavily, or forced to close for doing so. A best practice to apply today is to educate your staff to spend the appropriate amount of time during the customer consultation with focus on the vapor liquid.

Did you know that some vapor manufacturers cut cost by using a lesser grade of nicotine that is actually pesticide grade? Its scary, but true. As customers get more educated, retailers that choose higher margins from low grade products over customer health and safety and retention may find their customer base dwindling.

It is an important aspect of your business to consider the quality of products that you are selling. Are your products made from the highest purity Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, PG, VG and Natural Flavors? If you sell low end brands, give your customers a choice, but be honest with them and don’t expect premium prices. Consider if an imported product meets your needs, or if a domestic product is better for your business. Your products and your services, along with the brand and image you are trying to establish, may be paramount to your business growth moving forward in this constantly evolving industry.

One final thought is that taste is subjective. This fact is undisputed. Does your palate, your vapor tester’s palate, your store manager’s palate, your employees and friend’s palates really represent the palettes of the billions of potential customers?

Since you’re still thinking in a National scale, don’t get caught up in a niche mentality – it’s just too soon in this industry for that to really work. SSA

Ernie HeadshotAbout the Author:
Ernie McIlquham is the President of Worlds Finest Vapors. He is responsible for overseeing all business, operations, strategy development and revenue growth across all divisions of the company. While at DENSO (Global Automotive Components Manufacturer) he developed an unparalleled understanding of global scale manufacturing which he brings to all facets of a standardized world class vapor liquids company. Contact him at 310.212.3111, [email protected], or visit