Choosing a great physical location can be crucial to a company’s success, but what about a digital location? In an increasingly online world, a website is an essential part of any business plan and local SEO is the key to bringing in more traffic.

What is SEO?
Put simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the methodology used to increase the number of visitors a website receives by securing a high-ranking position on the results page of a search engine, such as Google. SEO strategies can secure prime digital location for a website. The higher a website ranks, the more visitors they receive through search engines.


A Mobile Search Society
Popular search engines, such as Google often tailor search results based on the current location of the person searching. With smartphone use rising consistently, clients are using their phones to find just about everything. All websites should be mobile-responsive, so customers can properly view the website from a smartphone or tablet.


Choosing Keywords
Optimizing with keywords is largely about telling search engines what a website has to offer, so prospective customers can easily find the best website for their needs. When a website ranks for commonly searched keywords, more people will find the website. It’s important for a website to choose the right keywords for their business.

The best keywords are ones that (1) are highly relevant to the specific business, (2) are popular search terms, (3) doesn’t have too much competition, (4) include terms of things people are converting instead of just browsing.


Press Play
One of the best ways for a website to rank highly in local search is to create videos that are optimized for relevant keywords. Top SEO companies have determined that video can make a website 53 times more likely to appear on page one of Google searches (compared with a text-based website). An easy way to begin is for a company to create videos about their most relevant keyword phrases. For example, “Best Eliquid in Dallas”. Keywords should be included in the video title, description, and meta-tags.


Optimize for Local Search
There are several essential factors that can optimize a website for local search. When writing content for a website, web pages should include relevant keywords in the URL, title, headings, website copy, image tags, and meta-description. A website should also list a physical address and phone number. Local Vape websites should also leverage Google Places ( to rank for keywords within their store location.

External links to a website are also important in increasing a website’s authority. Local retailers should register their website on directory websites, such Yellow Pages and Yelp, and be sure to verify all profiles. It’s important to use identical names and addresses on all directory profiles to increase SEO. Encouraging customers to write authentic online reviews (on Yelp, for example) is another great tool to improve SEO and it can help a potential customer choose one local shop over another.

In the digital age, SEO can determine a company’s success in both the digital and physical realms. Combining all of these strategies can help retailers greatly increase traffic to their shops. SVBS

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