Have you ever wondered how some of these big companies are able to email you on a regular basis? How they are able to send you information based on a product you looked or link you clicked in your email? Do they have a team of 50 people doing deep analytical data crunching and then creating and sending out emails on a regular basis? Or do they have some sort of “magic system” that helps them do that?

Do you believe in magic?
These companies have a back-end system that is configured to automatically run a variety of campaigns based on your profile data. Then, when you click on a link and visit a page, they add that content to your profile and it triggers the system to stop one set of emails and start another.

Did you click to see more details about that new flat screen TV they advertised? Were you amazed when a few hours later you got another email offering you a discount on that same TV, or that said “Hey, did you like that flat screen?”

Have you ever signed up for the rewards club at your favorite restaurant and then get a “Happy Birthday, get a free dessert” email from them about two weeks before your birthday? It’s all automatically built into their automated processes.

The beauty of these business automation processes is that they are 100% automated. Once you know what message you want to send to your prospects or customers and you configure your system to send the messages, you sit back and the system does it for you. Of course, you can always add new and timely information to the mix, but the system will be sure to keep in contact with those people on a regular basis, and can even remind you to make a quick call to them about a pending sale or order.
The Money is in the Follow-up.
If you read about sales and the sales process, you’ll very quickly find that following on up a new prospect is the key to successful sales. Statistics have shown that it takes at least eight touches before someone purchases a product, but most people stop following up after the first or second contact. Business automation makes this process simple. Once someone enters your ‘sale’ process, they get customized follow-up emails from you, and then every few days you will get a reminder to give them a call if they haven’t called you back yet.

The same applies for your current customers. Your customers are typically pretty loyal people, but they sometimes need reminders about certain items. If you have customers who like different types of juices, create a ‘likes juice’ list and set up a series of emails that educates them about the e-liquids and advertises some of your key products. They will appreciate the education, and you’ll benefit because they will have you at top-of-mind when they are ready to repurchase.

The Magic is now Affordable.
Jumping into a business automation software application is a pretty daunting task. There is a huge learning curve to understand how the systems work and how to make them work well. Fortunately, there are firms (like mine) who can build this automation for you. From the simple (sending routine emails to your existing clients), to the complex (integrating your automation into your POS system and emailing people based on their purchases), these companies can help you build your platform and then it just runs for you. As a quick note, a major business magazine recently listed “business automation” as one of the hottest emerging fields for new businesses – so if you aren’t embracing automation now, your competition soon will be. SVBS

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