In an oversaturated and competitive market, Smoke and Vape business owners can sometimes struggle with individuality. How do you separate yourself from the crowd? A measured and strategic approach sets you up most effectively for success. Marketing can be the deciding factor as to how fast your business grows.
One of the key points of marketing is building a website for your business. In doing so, it creates a window of communication between you and your customers. Having a website for your shop allows the customer to browse the selections you have available, as well as adding the convenience of allowing them to “shop” well after your business has closed for the day. This caters to a much broader audience. A website will reach a wider range of customers who may not have the ability of coming to the actual shop during normal business hours. Accommodating access to your business can result in a significant uplift in traffic.
Now that you’ve created a virtual platform for your business, you need something to back it up. Social Media is a great way to do just that. Modern business needs the support of their customers in order to survive. Social Media creates a direct and constant stream of communication between business owners and their consumer base. By opening this stream of communication, you are able to listen to what your customers want: What new devices are they excited about? What new juice brand are they interested in trying? In addition to learning more about the wants of your customers, you are able to create more awareness about your smoke or vape shop. Use social media to create excitement about what your shop has to offer. Host contests and giveaways that not only engages the customer online, but also draws them into your business. Answering questions via direct messages or comments in a timely manner is one way of using your social media account to provide excellent customer service. Being able to present your Smoke or Vape shop in a fun, interactive, and creative way will surely establish a long lasting relationship with your local customer base.
While marketing online is a great way to promote your business, you need to create Brand Recognition with something more tangible. Nothing is more important than creating an experience that encourages consumer loyalty. Your local community can serve as a blank canvas for you to leave your mark on. This can be accomplished by putting your brand, AKA your smoke or vape shop name, onto products such as; Bumper stickers, window decals, t-shirts, or hats. Giving items such as these to your customers allows you to advertise all throughout your community. In addition to free advertisement, you are also putting an emphasis on the relationship you have with your customers. Networking is an underrated, yet very important part of marketing your business. There is an abundance of local business owners who smoke or vape, and by bringing them into your shop and establishing a relationship with them, you are able to help build each others success. Establishing a working relationship with local business owners in the community allows your business to benefit from “word of mouth” recommendations. With these recommendations, you gain credibility with potential customers who value the opinion of said business owner. Networking can offer insight and mentorship, while also complementing elements of each of the businesses involved.
Whether it is building a website for your smoke or vape shop, using social media to generate excitement, or networking with members of your community; one thing is clear. Marketing your business is about creating a connection between yourself and your customers. The success of your business is significantly impacted by the awareness you create through marketing.  SVBS
Alecia Isidore has been a sales lead and is currently the marketing manager for Chain Vapez 100ml line since October, 2017. You can find her spending most of her free time watching Netflix and Hulu with her boyfriend and spending time with family. She can be contacted by email at [email protected]