What does that even mean? It means NEVER hire out of desperation or necessity! As an owner or manager, you already know the responsibility that comes with staffing the right people for your business. Now, if you are anything like me, you want only rock stars in your shop. Why not right? You work hard and have built this from the ground up, so you’re probably not eager to hand over the reigns to just anyone. I get it and I agree.

Know this, the better the hire, the more impact it will have on your establishment. Your culture and team values are going to be higher. The ability to innovate and adapt while being ambitious have proven to be much more successful. That being said, you should have focus in hiring the right people where the reward guarantees a solid return on your investment.

Good people hard to come by, but once you have found a few good employees, your business should be running smoothly and with little to no problems. Of course, what you’re willing to pay, training, benefits, and taxes are just a few things to consider when you’re hiring new team members, but there are a few things I have found great success in that I’d like to share.

Besides being potentially discriminatory, it damages your ability to have dynamic workers with the skills to approach a problem from an opposing viewpoint. I highly recommend that you do not ONLY select candidates who remind you of yourself and try to diversify often. Owners and managers have been found favoring people that are similar in their work history, personality, academic interests and sometimes even appearance. This sometimes can cause animosity amongst other team members in your business. You don’t want that.

Take a step back and evaluate your approach to recruiting. Afterall, it is costing your company money, time and professional reputation both in and out of the digital world — that’s right people still do that word-of-mouth thing. It’s 2017 and time to throw out the old stigma of the big boss hiring employees like they are indispensable. Take a look at the entire process from the job ad all the way to onboarding and change it up a bit.

A great start would be to take your top performing people and ask them how they would interview a new teammate. You’d be surprised what they may come up with.

I truly do not believe this is done enough.

“Yes, you should read the cover letter, resume and application thoroughly.”

Also make sure to screen applicants qualifications, skills, experience, and characteristics. Why? Because it is in your best interest as you need to verify all of the provided information and work experience to ensure you have covered everything you are truly looking for in the offered position.

Read the description, learn their interests and DEFINITELY check references. Do yourself a favor and develop a strong recruiting process. You’ll thank me later.

Oh, you thought once your new candidate made it through the paperwork you would just throw them to the wolves? I have seen my share of new employees show up for day one, and then not return for day two. Once I had a person tell me they were running to their car to grab something and drove away. I am not kidding. Now, does that mean that I selected the wrong candidate? In this case, it actually was about this new employee’s first day, or first two hours really. It was a busier than usual afternoon, and sadly where this person had years of experience within the corporation, seemed eager to get started and seemed to be a very solid win, it just didn’t work out.

The process really doesn’t end once the handbook has been read. All too often, managers can mistake a highly qualified recruit in a way that overlooks guidance and encouragement at the beginning. The ole’ fall or flight is a disservice to your business, employees and especially customers. Did you know that you could increase your company’s retention metric just by establishing onboarding steps from the get-go? That includes regular progress reviews.

Company culture should be all about the responsibility to be the best shop in your community, and that should be explained well when hiring. Today’s competitive business environment demands deeply cooperative people who have skills to help their team manifest success. Search for the candidate who understands their productivity is maximized from the diversity and teamwork, but as well their own value they add to the team.

If they have too much confidence, seem a bit selfish or self-centered, even overqualified, they are more than likely a toxic employee. It’s often found that skilled employees do the most damage because they are employees who are likely fired for violating company policy, such as fraud or manipulation, workplace violence, and even sexual harassment. My best advice, avoid this type of hire no matter how certain you may seem.

Do you know how often a wish is granted? Yea, me neither. So many newer business owners are quick to surround themselves with new talent, but most often get too fast into the hiring process without a plan. Rather than making intelligent hiring decisions learned from industry trends it’s important to plan out your company’s long-term strategy and budget disbursements. For example, we talked at the beginning of this year with influencer marketing and owners immediately jump to hire a dedicated influencer manager right away. There’s a better way.

Take some serious time consider the right budget in place to effectively grow strong influencer network. If that’s the case, your influencer strategist won’t know where or how to fit in at your company. Most companies call this a ‘road-map’ and improve your organization and timelines worlds better than trying to act too fast. Before you even run a new job Ad consider your description. Do you sound like every other ad for the same position? Automated, cold and most likely BORING? If you looked it over and then said yes then you will receive the same kind of dreary applicants. The more specific and understandable the job description is, the better chance you have to attract the talent you really want. Also, don’t be afraid to write out every point of the position as well as fragments of their personality. This, of course, will give you a better idea of the candidate you hope to recruit. When you are vague and make it sound ordinary, it could lead to a waste of time for you and your company. We all know time equals money right?

What kind of professional would I be if I didn’t touch on the impact bad hiring has on your bottom line? If you compare the cost of a toxic employee to the value of a superstar and found that it is more productive to hire additional staff or pay current employees more money, just to achieve the same output if not more. When you avoid hiring a toxic employee, it can save your company more than twice as much as bringing on a highly celebrated candidate. That cost climbs even higher if you count any legal fees, regulatory fines, diminished employee morale, and irate customers.

Culture can make or break a company and according to a recent study, I read, if more than 81% of a company if lacking a great culture, it will just be regular or average. Seems to me if you want to drive retention, employee engagement, and overall satisfaction on all fronts of your business, just spend the time to get it right. You want to build a true sense of community & team helps reduce initial turnover that creates energetic employees who are constantly moving forward. To hire for tomorrow is to hire for the future solution to your business, not for today’s problems. Happy Hiring! SVBS

John Bailey | Marketing Manager for DAVINCI VAPORIZER. John brings over 10 years experience in business management, marketing, branding and now cannabis education. John has a strong passion for health and fitness and is a fan of Doctor Who, dark scotch, anything outdoors, and photography. Contact him at (512) 954-4630 or by email at [email protected]