Everyone’s a critic. People love to jump online and leave their opinion about their most recent dinner or their interaction with a local merchant. But, do these reviews really mean anything?

Absolutely! Online reviews are critically important to local and online businesses. Not only do they help to give you authority in your marketplace and provide ‘social proof’ that you are a valid company, they help to boost your search engine result rankings, too.

Take a look at this chart. This is a review of the Top 10 companies listed in a Google search result, with the number and value of their reviews overlaid. As you can see, there is an absolute correlation between the #1 spot on Google and the number and value of the reviews.

The higher the number of reviews, the higher the search ranking. The higher the ratings, the higher the search ranking. Research from this company shows the following statistics regarding online reviews and their impact on search rankings:

• 54% of people have read online reviews before buying from a local business.

• Listings 1-3 of Google’s local results have an average of 472% more reviews than listings 4-6.

• The top 3 Google local results have more reviews, nearly twice as often as the next 3 results.

The difficult part for a local business is finding a way to easily get reviews from your customers. You can ask them at the point of sale to go in and leave a review, but as soon as they walk out of the store their mind goes elsewhere and they completely forget. Or, they just don’t know how to do it.

More importantly, you need to filter out the bad reviews. One major mistake many businesses make is that they try to send everyone online to leave a review. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew what type of review you would get before you sent them online?

You need to implement a system that that allows you to make this process easy – and automated. I’ve found an awesome solution for this, and unlike many online companies, they are very willing to work with vape and smoke shops. It asks people what they think of your service. If it is good, it sends them directly to the online reviews. If it is bad, it sends that info you to, so that you can work to rectify the situation and it does not send them to the online review sites.

It also eliminates the obstacles from the review process. The more obstacles you remove, the more reviews you will receive. It makes it easier, like automatically sending Android phone users directly to a Google review (since they are already logged into their Google account on their Android phone). This type of automation is key.

I can’t cover all the details and benefits of the service in this quick article, so please go to the website below to find out more about how automating your online reviews can boost your business and increase your search rankings. SVBS

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