These are exciting times for the vaping industry as it is experiencing explosive growth year after year and moves into the mainstream culture as more than a method of hopefully stopping or cutting down on tobacco use. E-cigarettes are showing up as an exciting, revolutionary and fun new delivery system for vitamin supplements and cutting edge holistic remedies.

As new mods and “First Annual Vape Trade Shows” appear regularly all over the country, the true buzz is all about evolving E-Liquids that are becoming more frequently infused with beneficial ingredients such as cannabidiol, or CBD. “What is CBD?” and “How does it work?” are frequently circulated questions at the many available trade shows around the country. Visit any vape shop and you’ll find CBD a popular topic of conversation among vapers.

CBD is a product of the hemp plant but, unlike marijuana, contains no psychoactive properties. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, multiple Emmy award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, has spoken and written extensively about CBD’s neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory properties (watch his CNN TV special on YouTube.)

He points out that the human body comes equipped with CBD receptors and both adults and children with life threatening epileptic type afflictions find relief by using CBD without the side effects of the psychoactive THC.

The internet helpfully contains many reports/studies, supplying long lists of diseases/ailments that can be helped by CBD. Check out:

Project CBD recognizes CBD as one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents available, a discovery important because inflammation is a symptom of nearly every painful, debilitating disease and the leading cause of death. Research has shown that vaping CBD infused e-liquid, the body immediately absorbs CBD into the blood stream and carries it to the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoid receptors are found mainly in the brain, vital organs, vital glands, connective tissue, the lymphatic immune system and nerve endings. Inflamed nerve endings send pain signals to the brain. Researchers have discovered that when CBD locks into our CBD receptors a healthy homeostasis is created, reducing inflammation and associated pain, while also reversing the bad effects of environmental toxins.

Studies also indicate that CBD has a deadly effect on malignant tumor cells, causing them to consume themselves in a prolonged cellular suicide.

CBD is being considered a basic building block for everything from growing and strengthening bones and muscle mass to re-stimulating unused brain tissue and stressed immune systems.

The implications are profound! If we can experience greater appreciation of life by simply vaping CBD and re-stimulating the endocannabinoid system. . . Why wouldn’t we?

Good Question. Harvested from the hemp plant, the idea of CBD triggers the reactive mind of the uneducated population. People automatically associate CBD with THC. They haven’t heard that a nursing baby is consuming mothers’ milk laden with natural CBD. This CBD fires up the CBD generators in a baby’s natural endocannabinoid system causing their own CBD generators to produce large amounts of CBD. Environmental effects and emotional stress are possible reasons our endocannabinoid system slows down as we get older.

Plant based cannabinoids have anti-oxidant properties that protect leaves and flowers from the same UV rays that create free radicals in the human body. We know that free radicals spawn renegade cells, retard healing and fuel aging. Planet Earth faithfully produced plant-based anti-oxidants for millennia, way before we showed up!

Educating people to the healing properties of CBD is something we can take personal responsibility for through individual research, initiating conversations, and pointing people to the various studies available. This will reduce the impact of misinformation flooding the media from several major industries: Big Pharma, self-interested tobacco majors, and political opportunists.

Big Pharma will not likely stop patenting and selling expensive, “pills for profit” to replace what Mother Nature already provides. And politics…One branch of the US government says, “Cannabis (hemp, marijuana), has no known medical value and is highly dangerous, has a high potential for abuse such as heroin, LSD, and mescaline. Another branch of the same government holds a patent known as the “507 Patent” (Google it) which assigns cannabinoids with properties of “anti-oxidants and neuro-protectants.” Almost daily new research studies empower more and more of us to become aware of the potential that vaping CBD might have on our health and quality of life. With our votes we will move beyond commercial and governmental “mixed messages.”

Here are a few pointers for you to consider in finding a quality CBD infused E-Liquid for your pleasure: Different grades of CBD are available on the market, just like gasoline octane levels. In the US, CBD is federally illegal if produced from US grown cannabis, marijuana, or hemp. It can, however, be legally imported. Companies such as Cannavest Corp grow and process high CBD strains of European hemp overseas before legally importing it into the US for refining.

Infusing CBD is a process similar to mixing water with oil, requiring a medical grade lab and expertise to produce a quality blend. To verify the quality when purchasing it, hold an unshaken bottle to the light and look for a top layer of oil. If you see that, try another brand. The highest grades of CBD are expensive with considerably less noticeable taste when vaped in E-Liquid. SSA
Wade Head shotAbout the Author:
Wade Atteberry is a two-time cancer survivor who owes his life to the benefits of marijuana some 30 years ago. Wade is also the founder of Original 420 Brand™ CBD Infused E-Liquid. He collaborated with several state-of-the-art laboratories to produce his high-end CBD Infused E-Liquid. CNN’s medical specialist, Dr Sanjay Gupta, created a transformational CNN Special educating America on the breathtaking effects of CBD on seizures, cancer, and multiple other ailments. Though the US Government holds the ‘507’ patent on CBD therapeutic benefits, the FDA does not yet recognize these opinions or claims. To contact Wade, call 408-460-1750 or email him at [email protected]