Have you ever thought about attending a Vape Convention? Are you debating just walking around or setting up a company booth? Have you avoided Vape Conventions all together because you thought the whole idea was just a big waste of time? Well, I will go over two of the main the pros and cons for a Vape Convention.

The first aspect I will talk about is walking a convention (showing up, but not setting a booth up).

This is the much cheaper option of the two. For $20-$30, you get to walk a room full of manufacturers and other vape store owners from your area. I also call this the “shake hands and kiss babies” option because it allows you to speak directly to the reps that you might have a hard time reaching on the phone. This is your time to shine so be a salesperson and sell yourself. These company sales reps see hundreds of people a day, so make sure you really stand out! This will make your life so much easier when you call to order their product. You might even get a discount!

Walking the show also allows you to meet other business owners in your area. Granted, you may feel like you’re competing for the same retail dollars, but you can’t look at it like that. It’s not you against them; it’s all of you versus Big Tobacco and the FDA. Making friends with your local shop owners will pay dividends in the end.

Nobody really gets to try your stuff. I mean, you can hand out samples but you don’t really get the time to “sell” it. As a walker, you don’t want to monopolize anyone’s time because they are there to meet as many people as they can, too.

Let’s be honest, having a booth lends a little more legitimacy for your business. It shows you’re willing to shell out some money to make some money. Walking the show may make you seem a little newer to the industry compared to the traditional ways of setting up a booth and showing off your products.

So we’ve already discussed the pros and cons to walking a Vape Convention, so now let’s talk about the pros and cons to setting up a booth at a Vape Convention. Both methods of attending have their merits, but I’ll leave it to you to decide which method suits you best.

Setting up an actual booth at a vape convention allows potential customers to put your product in their hands and test it. You can tell someone how great your product is but, in this day and age, most people will want to see for themselves.

Setting up a booth also affords you the opportunity to sell your product, as well as yourself, to new potential customers. Just think of it as a really busy day at your shop but everyone is a new customer. You have the opportunity to answer questions and explain in detail every aspect about your product and express the passion you have for the business.

Vape conventions draw huge crowds from a much larger area than your physical brick and mortar. 70-90% of your clientele comes from a 5 mile radius around your store, whereas people will travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend certain conventions. This increases your reach exponentially, especially if you are willing and able to ship product.

The first, and most obvious, con to setting up a booth at a vape convention is price. And I’m not just talking about the space rental. There are plenty of other expenses that come along with it. Some of these costs are the actual booth itself, any employees you may take with you, food, lodging if it’s an out of town show, etc. My best advice if you are thinking about setting up a booth is to do one that is as close to home as possible to limit your cash output.

Putting together enough product to take to a show is time consuming and costly. You want to make sure you take enough of your product to sell or give as samples so that you don’t run out half way through the first day of the convention. This may require more inventory than you are accustomed to carrying if you are a smaller shop. Please, if you are going to attend a vape convention, make sure you plan and budget accordingly.

So, if you are planning to attend a vape convention, these are two very important issues to think about. Would it be better for you to just walk the convention, or would it be better to set up shop? Both methods are very effective, in their own ways, but one is usually a better option, depending on your company. These are just a few pros and cons, so think carefully before making your decision! SVBS

Matthew O’Donnell is a Store Manager and Industry/Product Information Specialist at Lizard Juice. Born and raised in Clearwater, Matthew is a leading expert in the vaping industry and community. He has been an avid vape enthusiast for over 5 years and his knowledge is endless. Matt truly lives the healthy lifestyle that vaping brings to individuals. He was a college athlete and a personal trainer. Vaping changed Matthew’s life. His daily goal is to help change yours too! You can contact Matthew at [email protected] or feel free to visit his website at www.lizardjuice.com/blog or www.vapingwithmatt.com.