A new user setting in the world of temperature control vapor devices has garnered worldwide attention, and, demonstrating the increasing sophistication of safety features, offers a promising technological horizon for the entire vape industry. It’s true that much of the fear-mongering surrounding vapor technology is unwarranted; however, as a new and emerging industry, there is always room for innovation and refinement. Recently, a mod has come to market that is the first device to feature a unique Auto Temperature Control (ATC) mode that actually detects each e-liquid’s boiling point and self-adjusts to deliver the optimal level of heat on every inhale.

In the face of ongoing speculation and concern about harmful constituents that are outside of an e-liquid’s ingredient list, but which can be released as a result of the heating thereof, this Auto Temperature Control mode is a most-welcome development with the potential to quell an otherwise unaddressed safety concern connected to vaping. Indeed, with the application of excessive heat comes the release of undesirable gases; the ATC mode literally prevents e-liquids from overheating and therefore minimizes the risk of unwanted and potentially harmful constituents in the vapor that is inhaled. Such overheat prevention was actually a driving goal in the development of temperature control technology in the first place, and while it (clearly) brought us one step closer to that objective, it fell short of truly mitigating the potential release of undesirable gases. Because with standard temperature control devices users are responsible for inputting the temperature, finding the optimal temperature was merely a guessing game… until now, that is.

How? The answer lies in the challenge: while vaping, the coil get hotter and the resistance changes accordingly. The chipset driving this technology establishes the base resistance of the coil as related to each e-liquid through a “sync” mechanism. After a particular e-liquid’s base resistance is set, the chipset is able to continuously adjust the amount of electricity delivered to the coil in line with the fluctuations in resistance, thanks to an internal table matching resistance levels to corresponding optimal temperatures.

Importantly, with safety comes accessibility… and the ATC mode brings that accessibility to the next level. The ATC mode has invited new vapers into the temperature control realm, finally offering a simple-to-operate but high-power and sophisticated device option that is suitable for all. With standard temperature control devices, the user is responsible for setting the temperature; if it’s too low, flavor production will not be optimal and if it’s too high, excessive heat will also disrupt flavor production by the second or third inhale. With the ATC mode, the user is relieved of the obligation to input the temperature settings; instead, the advanced PCB expertly handles all of the calculations.

ATC mode delivers the best results with a tank, which meets the conditions for optimal use: the coil must be both fully submerged and in a completely enclosed area. Utilizing the ATC mode with a tank also removes the possibilities of inaccuracies in the build and insufficient juice on the cotton, which would disrupt the detection mechanism in ATC mode.

The ability of ATC mode to actually moderate heat levels in real time offers an important new horizon in the safety of vapor technology. This development, just like the standard temperature control technology that preceded it, will be expanded upon, thus enabling the discovery of new ways to make vaping safer. Continuing this progressive trajectory—a defining characteristic of the vape industry—demonstrates an unstoppable determination to move forward despite external challenges. If we face a test of time, it’s a good strategy to use all of the time we have to continuously rise. SVBS

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