In the last two issues, we covered the regulatory uncertainties faced in the vaping industry, as well as the criteria to follow when looking for an e-Liquid manufacturer. For this piece, we will examine the origin and significance of various types of e-cig hardware, and take an in depth look at the future of our ever evolving industry. Known as the father of the electric cigarette, Herbert Gilbert, developed the first smokeless non tobacco cigarette in 1965. Fast forward 38 years, in 2003, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik, patented the e-cig which we are accustomed to today. Thanks to the likes of Gilbert, Lik, and the advancement of modern technology, the global e-cigarette market is expected to grow over $50 billion by 2025 as stated by the research firm Research and Markets

It’s essential to know where each device falls in the vaping life cycle, as well as the origin, and the direction we are heading. While hardware is continually evolving, there are plenty of options in our arsenal today, and as industry leaders, it’s our responsibility to recommend the best products for our customers.

Let’s delve into the selection of basic hardware occupying space in your store——

First Generation, Cig-a-Likes: Think about your first vaping experience and it probably involved a cig-a-like. As seasoned vapers, you’ve likely advanced beyond cig-a-like devices, but the fact of the matter is, that they played an intrical role in the growth of our industry. In the early days, these low maintenance and easy to operate devices, set the tone for those making the transition to vaping. The traditional cig-a-like consists of a cartomizer and a battery, while more advanced models substitute the cartomizer with clearomizers or even small tanks. Depending on the brand, you can choose from disposable or refillable cig-a-likes, but the challenge seems to be finding the best quality to ensure a positive experience, with many new converts actually crediting second generation products for their introduction into vaping.

Second Generation, Vape Pens: The next option is the higher capacity vape pen. It consists of a battery, power button, connector, atomizer, tank system, and of course…. e-liquid. In addition to the power level, one of the other benefits of the pen, is the longevity of its battery. If we were to explain this to the novice customer, an increase of power equates to an increase in vapor production. Another advantage of a vape pen is that you’re able to use refillable tanks which opens a wider variety of e-liquids. The vape pen is the most prevalent form of vaping in the world which has a profound impact on the sales and growth of our emerging industry. Most notably, the recent boom of e-liquid manufacturing as discussed in the previous article.

Third Generation, Mods: Graduating from the vape pen, a Mod is a more advanced, powerful and efficient device, offering longer battery lifespan and optimal vapor production and taste. Bound by the passion for vaping, The Mod, short for modification or modified, was actually originated by a group of die-hard vapers in the early days of vaping who were searching for the ultimate vape experience, which at the time, was not offered through store bought products. With the introduction of commercialized Mod hardware, a variety of unique designs and concepts such as Box Mods and Screwdriver Mods began to pop up in the vaping community, adding personality and creating a safer vaping experience. Battery capabilities such as adjustable temperature control, self-regulated charging and short circuit protection are just a few of the many feature-rich options that have taken our industry to the next level. It truly is amazing.

Tanks and Coils: Vaping is an extremely personal experience, so the combination of the right tank, coil and battery take customization to the next level. There are so many tank and coil options including RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) and RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) that could fill another article. For this issue, let’s keep to a high level overview. Variable tank capacities and adjustable airflow are crucial components to the optimal vaping experience. As new materials like ceramic coils are introduced, matching the right coil, tank, and battery, become increasingly important. Temperature control will continue to play a pivotal role in the future of the materials we use in our coils and tanks.

The Future of Vaping: When discussing what’s on the horizon or what to expect in the future of vaping, there is no dancing around the role of government. FDA regulations impact how we manufacture e-liquid and could reach into the materials used in vaping hardware. However, as we await the looming legislation, there is much to be excited about. The momentum that has been building over the last few years is a telling sign that we are here to stay.

Be on the lookout for more dynamic and efficient hardware. There will be smaller mods with high power capability. Advanced tank designs will create simpler ways to fill tanks. An emphasis on safety, personalization and customization will also reach new heights.

The evolution of hardware, directly mirrors the progression of the vaping industry as a whole. As a result of the works of Gilbet, Lik and passionate vapers, vaping has become more than just a hobby and more of a way of life. The driving point: to continue to evolve responsibly, with the safety and product experience of the end user always being the focal point of innovation. SVBS

Jeff Stamler Headshot PhotoJeff Stamler is a co-founder of NicoPure Labs, the parent company of Halo and eVo. After starting the company in 2009 he has overseen its growth into one of the leaders of the vaping industry. Today he presides over NicoPure from its headquarters in Trinity, Florida. He can be reached at [email protected], or by phone at 888 270 2449, or visit their website at