The fight to keep CBD on shelves and in the hands of those who need it has been getting a boost. In a recent court case against the DEA, which is still awaiting a decision on the rescheduling of CBD, the ruling judge noted that CBD products have made an obvious difference in the lives of the children and veteran involved in the suit. The market is still growing at a fast rate because the general public is being made more aware of the possible benefits on a near daily basis.

In states that have been fighting hard against cannabidiol and hemp based products they are starting to see the light. Indiana, who has been adamantly against any CBD products in the state, may pass a bill allowing for the use of CBD oil with low THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. The senate has unanimously passed a bill for legalizing low THC CBD oils, and is waiting on a bill from the house that allows for up to .3% THC. If the bill from the house passes then all it will need is a signature from Governor Holcomb.

In Tennessee the state’s DA has dropped charges against 18 business owners for distribution of controlled substances. In Tennessee these individuals would be charged with felonies. The state police raided and locked 23 businesses for selling CBD products. The Tennessee Hemp Industry Association argued that because the confiscated products were derived from hemp that met state regulation it was not illegal in the state. The candies that were taken were tested and contained CBD, this was not illegal since they come from industrial hemp plants. The DA was not able to prove where the CBD was derived from so they dropped all charges.

Even in the South East things are moving in the direction of legalization. Georgia has a bill in the senate to legalize recreational and medical marijuana similar to the style that Colorado has adapted. It is not likely that the bill will make it to the ballots for voters to choose, but it is a step in the right direction. Georgia has already had a few cities and counties start to work towards decriminalizing marijuana, meaning that there is now a fine or ticket instead of criminal charges.

As we see these states back off not only on efforts against CBD, some also pass legislation to prescribe it. We are experiencing a large shift in the sentiments on a public level towards marijuana and hemp. More and more people, ranging from consumers to politicians, are beginning to fight for more access to natural solutions for everyone. We have an epidemic with opiates in the United States and there is a belief that THC and CBD are part of the solution.

As time passes on it is the War on Drugs that now faces an uphill battle. The American public is starting to see how much time and money is spent fighting marijuana, and they do not approve. Groups that have previously listed marijuana as a gateway drug have removed it from their lists. Education for marijuana is now about responsibility not about fear. More and more politicians are fighting for their states to be allowed to research THC and CBD for medical use and side effects. Americans are becoming more accepting of having medical marijuana and CBD in their states, they are voting to legalize for medical and recreational. The era of fear and misinformation is coming to an end, and it is now in the hands of the people. We are now able to access herbal solutions legally and with prescriptions. The market for CBD and marijuana is rising and fighting, and it shows no signs that it will slow down. SVBS

Cameron Spinks has been a sales lead, social media director, and marketing manager for Stash CBD since its inception in July 2017. Previously he worked for a smoke and vape wholesaler. When he isn’t outside with his dog you can find him playing video games with his girlfriend to unwind. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on the website