Hemp is one of the largest growing markets in the country, and the federal government would like to see it help our economy. With senators and congress members alike deciding that hemp, as an agricultural good, is a strong move for the United States. Multiple bills have been introduced to give more rights to hemp farmers and to the marijuana industry as a whole; some have even cleared the senate floor and moved into the house. This can potentially open up a whole new world for more environmentally conscious products across the board, as well as opening up the CBD market for growth.

Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, (one of the largest state hemp producers prior to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937), has sponsored and helped pass a bill in the senate to remove hemp products from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This bill would allow hemp to be grown around the country; while also giving hemp farmers access to the same benefits as other cash crop farmers. The Farm Bill would allow hemp farmers access to insurance, and the same rights to water and resources as other farmers. This litigation would also allow all states to regulate hemp as an agricultural commodity, rather than a controlled substance. The bill must pass through the House, which has a similar bill it will potentially merge with the Farm Bill, before proceeding to the Executive office. With President Trump’s previously voiced desire to protect the rights of states with legal marijuana, it is likely the Farm Bill will pass with no opposition.

Another bill that brings even more hope to the marijuana industry was recently introduced by Chuck Schumer. Schumer’s bill would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substance Act. This bill would allow the industry to grow and boom by opening up state-to-state commerce, and giving banks the ability to support it. Individual states would be able to determine the status of marijuana, and would keep federal enforcement for trafficking into illegal states. The bill also dedicates tax revenue to assist women and other disadvantaged groups who have faced hardships in the industry. It would also prevent advertising to young Americans, if research shows that it is appropriate for protection. If this bill passes, then it will create a whole new world for the marijuana industry to grow in.

One of the largest benefits of the industry often stays unmentioned: hemp is an amazing renewable resource. With hemp removed from the controlled substance act, it could potentially become one of our best cash crops. Hemp could be used in place of wood and cotton for papers, while taking less space and water. Hemp can also be used as a biodegradable plastic, which has proven to been a large issue with environmental conservation. Hemp can also be used as a strong inexpensive construction material, which could also make for more access to quality affordable housing across the nation. The seeds from hemp are also considered a super food, with amino acids and proteins that are easily absorbed by the body. Farming hemp is also good for the land it uses, after a harvest of hemp the plot used is left with higher nutrients in the soil. With hemp as a legal option to grow as an agricultural good in America, the possibilities are near limitless.

With the future of marijuana and hemp looking much brighter America may have a more green future. The new freedoms that can open up for the industry will allow American business to thrive and grow in a new market bringing new jobs and opportunities. The potential for the industry is exciting for business owners and citizens in search of legal relief alike. We still need to share information and educate as much as ever with the rapid advances that the industry is making. SVBS

Cameron Spinks has been a sales lead, social media director, and marketing manager for Stash CBD since its inception in July 2017. Previously he worked for a smoke and vape wholesaler. When he isn’t outside with his dog you can find him playing video games with his girlfriend to unwind. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on the website StashCBD.com.