In a world with constantly changing public opinions we are on the precipice of new freedoms. Across generations acceptance of marijuana is growing. Politicians are beginning to see the benefits of marijuana in the states that have legalized. States with CBD laws and medical marijuana are seeing patients finding relief. Investments in marijuana and CBD industries are thriving.

The massively growing marijuana market is beginning to influence politicians, leading to Capitol Hill being one of the most prominent supporters of legalization. Mitch McConnell who has been notoriously strong against the marijuana industry has introduced a bill that would remove restrictions currently in place with banks, water rights, and other legal issues hemp farmers are constantly fearing. This would also allow the states to regulate hemp farming and research with oversight from the Us Department of Agriculture. Funding would then be available to farmers as well as insurance on their crops. There are nearly thirty other bills that have recently been introduced to do everything from give hemp farmers the same rights as other farmers to allowing states to operate a marijuana market with no federal interference, and even one to completely remove cannabis from the scheduled substances list and penalizing states for unfair marijuana laws and enforcement.

Multiple groups are following the lead Snoop Dogg and Casa Verde Capital in to the new waters that are marijuana investments. While Casa Verde Capital does not invest directly in the plant, but the ancillary market instead, they are still turning a very nice profit on a market that will always need accessories and better access. Tiger Global is another large investment firm that shares its investments between digital media, social media, and hedge funds has also entered into the green market of marijuana. As more investments are made into the marijuana industry more possibilities arise. New funding is allowing for higher quality products, better consistency, and safer practices.

Growing public opinion, made clear with a recent Pew Poll which puts 61% of Americans in favor of legalizing marijuana, has been important leading up to midterm votes. As more states have the legalization of marijuana on the ballot marijuana organizations are informing the public on who they can support. NORML has even released a packet for individuals who are running for office to use to back up legalization plans, it lists tax purposes and many other community and governmental benefits.

Education is still one of the most important parts of any major industry. There can be safety concerns that are faced in production or at the consumer level, that is why it is important to make informed decisions on products that you purchase. Stick with companies who can provide you accurate information and who know their products. Most of the negative opinions of the hemp and marijuana industries comes from misinformation and misconceptions. SVBS

Cameron Spinks has been a sales lead, social media director, and marketing manager for Stash CBD since its inception in July 2017. Previously he worked for a smoke and vape wholesaler. When he isn’t outside with his dog you can find him playing video games with his girlfriend to unwind. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on the website