It seems like there are as many types of e-juice as drops in the ocean, but a new wave is saturating the vape market. E-juice containing salt nicotine is quickly becoming a favorite of cigarette smokers looking to cut back, as well as new and experienced vapers.

Freebase vs. Salt Nicotine: While the vast majority of e-juices on the market contain freebase nicotine, salt nicotine is finding its place on store shelves because it’s both stronger and smoother. Freebase nicotine produces a harsher throat hit, which is why it’s more commonly available in lower nicotine strengths like 3 mg and 6 mg.

Salt nicotine is the same type of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Salt nicotine delivers a milder throat hit. That’s why e-juices with salt nicotine typically have a higher concentration of nicotine. While both freebase and salt nicotine e-juices can be made in nearly any strength, the majority of freebase varieties come in strengths up to 24 mg and salt nics are most commonly available in 25 mg – 50 mg.

Salt nicotine is also absorbed into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than freebase nicotine. This allows users to get the same satisfaction from fewer puffs than traditional e-juices. Salt nicotine e-juice gives vapers an experience that is more akin to smoking a traditional cigarette.

Lower Wattage Devices: Because of the higher concentration of nicotine, it’s recommended that salt nicotine based e-juices be vaped on lower wattage/voltage devices. E-cigarettes or pod mods are the preferred method of vaping salt nicotine.

With the rising popularity of salt nicotine e-juices, store owners can predict that lower wattage e-cigarettes and pod mods will also become more in demand. Pods containing salt nicotine offer vapers a clean and convenient way to refill their devices on the go, giving pod-based devices an advantage. Smaller devices are also ideal for stealth vapers who don’t want a large cloud to alert others to their vaping.

Dual Marketing: The more authentic taste of salt nicotine combined with the smaller size and lighter weight of the e-cigarettes and pod mods used to vape them create a more true-to-life smoking experience. This makes vaping e-juice containing salt nicotine a great choice for smokers looking to cut down or quit.

It’s also a very attractive option for new vapers who might be intimidated by more complex mods or overwhelmed by the plethora of e-juice flavors available. Self-contained e-cigarettes and pod mods with salt nicotine pods are extremely easy to use and maintain while still delivering the nicotine customers are looking for.

Salt nicotine and e-cigarettes are bridging the divide between smokers and vapers, creating a unique opportunity for owners of smoke and vape shops. Store owners can experiment with selling e-cigarettes and salt nicotine e-liquid at both their vape and cigarette counters. Target smokers looking to transition to vaping, as well as those customers that want to keep their vaping experience simple without sacrificing flavor.

Longer Shelf Life: Freebase nicotine is a single molecule while salt nicotine is a complex. Salt nicotine has a more stable molecular structure and is less prone to oxidation. This gives it a longer shelf life. That’s good news for smoke and vape shop owners looking to add salt nicotine e-juices to their inventory!

It may take some time for salt nicotine based e-juices to be manufactured in the same quantities as their freebase counterparts, but salt nics are creating raving fans out of those who try them. Additionally, pod mods that give customers a lifetime warranty on their e-cigarette are ensuring long-term demand for their salt nic pods. Salt nics are the wave of the future and now is the time to get on board! SVBS

Erin Johnson is a Marketing Specialist for MMS Distribution, L.L.C. She has fifteen years of experience in marketing for print, web, radio, and television. She currently serves as brand ambassador for Bo. Learn all about Bo at