Being involved in so many areas of a portable vaporizer business, I just cannot help myself when I notice there is a smoke or vape shop in the strip mall I stopped into that day. I must go in. Once I enter, there is only one thing on my mind. Where is your vaporizer section and is there a DaVinci Vaporizer on the shelf. Why wouldn’t I want to know who shelves our product, but more importantly, what does the person behind the counter know about vaporizers altogether?
Want to know the most common experience I encounter when I walk into a shop? Actually, I have decided to place my common find in the conclusion, and move on to the top 3 things you, or your staff, should know about portable vaporizers. This read, however, will not be addressing the obvious “health reasons” that everyone knows, which is, OF COURSE, using a vaporizer of any sort is way better than traditional smoking. This kind of cool and buzzworthy type of jargon should be expected when swaying someone from purchasing that next pack to something a little bit more progressive and long-term.
So, how do you best select portable vaporizers for your shop? Researching and evaluating the market of vaporizers could be one approach, but who has time for that? Things you should know on the surface, and help your customers understand about vaporizers, are features, how it is manufactured, vapor production and of course a solid warranty. Let’s break out some key things you should know about vaporizers so you can help that next customer pick the one that is right for them. Instead of “it gets hot and blows smoke”.
#3 Know The Difference
Ok, ok so I forgot to mention that your customers may be looking for a desktop vaporizer, vape pen, box mod, wax pen, or any other loose terms that somewhat describes the device. I could be biased, or I could stop and say; ‘I love my desktop vaporizer or wax pen as nearly as much as I love a solid portable vaporizer’ but the reality is vaporizers can cost a considerable amount of money, and desktop is just not as convenient as a portable vaporizer, especially for a consistent result on-the-go.
Let’s take the great debate of desktop vaporizer versus portable vaporizer for example. The level of functionality comes into question when comparing the two. Customers will request things like; “What’s your best on-the-go vaporizer?” or “I don’t want to have to plug it in to use it. Is there something with replaceable batteries?”. One good practice to get into the habit is; whether they are a daily vape user or their first time searching for one, if they go for cheap, you will get a cheap result.
Customer experience will benefit greatly from you and your staff’s knowledge in this area. The cost of doing business sometimes is also being the solution to a need. Even if that means putting focus into the upsell of a premium device over the cheaper option. Your customers will be loyal to the very end with this type of approach.
Choosing a more premium over the lower quality product will help you avoid sacrificing quality options that your customers can appreciate. Also, an upside to this as well is, customers may need accessories, and the more premium the vaporizer, generally the more premium the accessories should be too. That means higher price points and stronger buy-in from your customers. If you are behind their first-best premium portable vaporizer, rest-assured they will be back in your shop more frequently for their other needs.
#2 Customer Experience After the Sale
A customer’s vaporizer experience should not be overly complicated and difficult to use. I have encountered a lot of people in serious need of relief from some of the most everyday herbs that are around nearly every day. The last thing that a vaporizer should do is cause more grief or agony from just trying to use it. There’s a great opportunity to step in here and truly help your customers find the solutions they need. Trust is what has always built the 30, 50 and beyond years of doing successful businesses, which is not as common as it used to be.
If you consider ease of use as more than just functionality, then knowing the difference between conduction and convection could be a great way to wow the moderately knowledgeable vaporizer user. It’s SO easy to waste material from low-quality vaporizer builds, as well as a growing problem. Ease of use for me also says that I am not bringing it back or making a frequent purchase from the short lifespan the lower cost models will command.
The great news is you and your customers no longer have to be kept in the dark about vaporizers. Being able to communicate features like precision temperature control, where they get to control their device in a way to fix uneven heating and answer questions like; “Does it have automatic idle shut-off?”.
“Wait, precision temperature control? What’s that about?”
#1 “Oh Look, It Lights Up!”
You read right, there are some vaporizers out there that enable you to set your desired temperature for the most optimal vaping experience! Did you know most of the lower cost portable vaporizers out there have pre-programmed temperatures for you? These are valuable questions, and confidently saying YES and why, not only steps up your game as the shop owner but also tells the customer you are a trusted source of information and that’s how word-of-mouth becomes your friend. They’ll tell 10 friends, and with social media – they may tell a hundred.
Functionality and features of any device can be one of the more important factors in determining which vaporizer is best for customers. A customer may even what to know what’s under the hood! So learn about displays, types of ovens, heaters, app-enabled technology and more right away and start blowing your customer’s minds!
Seriously though, accessories with portable vaporizers really translate into that your shop can now carry new and cool things like hydro-tubes, glass mouthpieces, cleaning tools, external chargers, and many more accessories. Now you can stock up with the company best for your customer, by promoting a reputable brand and extending your offering to their accessories. Just make sure they have a little style.
All In All…
Look, you are going to hear questions like; “Can my vaporizer withstand the power of a jackhammer?” and  “Will it save you from a head-on collision?” Probably not but hey, I have heard some questions that did make me question reality. Kidding maybe.
Of course, It should withstand a tumble here and there or minimal impact and of course the overall wear and tear is expected but shouldn’t happen right away. It’s not uncommon that most people do not have a clear understanding of how much healthier vaporizers are over smoking and that there’s actually something that allows you to control their entire experience. You owe it to them to guide your guests to their best experience from carrying the best. Know the reputable brands, suggest quality over quantity, flavor over price and why they are the best. You’re earning a returning customer, every time.
To settle what we started in the beginning, the most common experience I encounter when I walk into a shop is that the person behind the counter has no clue about vaporizers or tries to sell me something but cannot tell me anything about it. Vaporizers are the future of vaping and we are seeing it across multiple uses. Currently, health concerns target traditional smoking more and more each year, so it is time to sync your teeth into a new model, but I also challenge you to start adding value to the customer experience.  SVBS
John Bailey | Product Development Manager at DaVinci Vaporizer. John brings over 10 years experience in business management, project management, branding and now cannabis education. John has a strong passion for health and fitness and is a fan of Doctor Who, dark scotch, anything outdoors, and photography. Contact him at (512) 954-4630 or by email at [email protected]