The NY State Assembly Hearing was held on 5/17/17, and the debate about vapor products, such as e-cigs and e-juice, got quite intense! Quite a few politicians showed up, and there were 5 US politicians that really stood out in this fight for vaping. While these politicians are not active vaping advocates, they have taken scientific evidence, or lack thereof, and came up with some wonderful quotes that should have hit the people and government pretty hard! After watching this assembly, I wanted to share what the best comments were from these politicians..

First, let’s touch on the chemicals used in e-juice. There are 4 main chemicals: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavorings, and nicotine, which is optional! There are tons of rumors and false information when it comes to these chemicals, especially propylene glycol.Take a look at this comment from the assembly in regards to the fight for vaping.

Republican Dean Murray had this to say about Propylene Glycol: “Let’s talk about some of the chemicals being brought up as harmful. Propylene Glycol was one. Propylene Glycol sounds very scary, sounds very nasty. I’m assuming we all brushed our teeth this morning? Congratulations, you used Propylene Glycol. It’s in toothpaste, it’s cake icing, it’s in cake batter. These chemicals are everywhere.”

Now, let’s discuss the FDA trying to throw vaping into tobacco regulations. This is one of the most irritating subjects for vapers. There is literally no tobacco used in e-juice, so why is it being considered a tobacco product? Simply because it contains nicotine, and nicotine is found in tobacco products, so this must mean that it falls under the umbrella with other tobacco products? That is one of the most outrageous thought processes that I have ever seen! Some of these products do not contain nicotine, yet manufacturers are being forced to place a disclosure on all of their products stating they may contain nicotine, even if it doesn’t! This doesn’t just go for juice, either. Many device manufacturers are placing warnings on their Mods that say the product may contain nicotine!
Republican Andrew P. Raia stated this in his address to the assembly: “These products are not the same as cigarettes and not all vapor products contain any nicotine. So you can’t throw all vapor products in the same category.”

One of the most annoying arguments that our government, and other anti-vaping advocates, is making is that vaping is a gateway to smoking. This makes absolutely no sense at all! Vaping is being used as a smoking cessation so people can quit smoking. Even if kids under the age of 18 are able to get ahold of a vape, it’s highly unlikely that they will go from delicious flavorings in e-juice to the terrible tasting filtered cigarettes. It just an argument that makes no sense.

Republican Raymond Walker had some great comments about this false gateway idea: “There are no peer-reviewed studies showing that Vaping leads to smoking. So it’s not a gateway, it’s less dangerous and we’re trying to scare people away from using e-cigarettes – this is only going to keep people smoking. We are actually doing more harm than good by passing bills like this. We are creating worse health outcomes for the citizens in our state.”

The latest idea to come out is nicotine ingestion from secondhand vapor exposure. The CDC released a statement basically stating that the general public believes secondhand vapor exposure is detrimental to their health. Funny thing is, just a few weeks prior, Dr. Siegel released his own study of the effects of secondhand vapor, which showed that vapor in the air caused no harm. The chemicals being looked and tested for were simply not found in any quantity that could be potentially harmful, including nicotine exposure. This is information that had not been previously studied, so it was extremely necessary for our fight for vaping!

Republican Dean Murray stated: “Nicotine Ingestion from secondhand exposure? Naturally, nicotine exists in strawberries. It is in tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant – are we going to ban those in public? While I understand the concern about cigarette smoke, it’s not the same thing! We are talking about apples and oranges.”

Finally, take a look at the harm reduction factors. It seems that the UK is lightyears ahead of the US when it comes to the studies on vaping. While England is pushing for people to quit smoking and use e-cigs, the US is trying to overregulate them and even trying to ban them completely! How can we, as a country focused on becoming healthier, completely disregard the studies that prove e-cigarettes are a safer option?

Republican Edwards P. Ra addressed the assembly by saying: “Some of the studies in England are a little bit ahead of us on this and their top health physician organization are really starting to push e-cigarettes as a potential game changer that can prevent so many deaths that actual cigarettes cause. When London’s top health officials are saying these products are 95% safer, this should really make us take a step back and look at creating a separate category for these products and be much less restrictive with e-cigarettes than we are with cigarettes.”

It’s wonderful seeing some U.S. politicians stepping into the fight for vaping! Even though they are not considered advocates, they are using the knowledge available to make a case to keep vaping around. We can help our government officials start seeing the truth about vaping by sharing our stories and advocating, ourselves! Get out and make your voice heard! Vape On! SVBS



Matthew O’Donnell is a Store Manager and Industry/Product Information Specialist at Lizard Juice. Born and raised in Clearwater, Matthew is a leading expert in the vaping industry and community. He has been an avid vape enthusiast for over 5 years and his knowledge is endless. Matt truly lives the healthy lifestyle that vaping brings to individuals. He was a college athlete and a personal trainer. Vaping changed Matthew’s life. His daily goal is to help change yours too! You can contact Matthew at [email protected] or feel free to visit his website at or