Vaping has taken the nation by storm in the past decade, proven by the widespread presence of vape shops in strip malls all across America. What began as an attempt to wean smokers off of cigarettes has evolved from habit to lifestyle for many. Plenty of these vape shops cater solely to their e-juice vaping demographic, but are missing out on an extensive crop of new customers that are interested in vaping cannabis oils and concentrates.

While a vape shop typically offers vaping equipment, refillable mods, and flavored e-juices, they should consider making space for cannabis vaping products. Legalization has led to many technological advances in the weed world, oil vaporization being one of the most revolutionary and widespread. Processors extract THC, CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids from the plant, which they then turn into an oil that when placed in a cartridge, vaporizes just like e-juice in a mod.

Battle Against Tobacco
Many vape shops shy away from offering products that are made with or for tobacco. The public perception now is that tobacco is a big evil entity that hooks young people for a life of addiction and health ailments. Many products intended for “tobacco use” are also used for cannabis use.

Smoke shops, a modern take on the “head shops” of the 1970s offer a wide variety of these products. These can range from glass bowls, bongs and bubblers, to dab rigs, to rolling papers and wraps. They are typically labeled as “for tobacco use only” to avoid any issues regarding federally-illegal marijuana use. Some smoke shops have begun to bridge the gap between smoking and vaping, by adding some mods and e-liquids to their shelves, but it is extremely rare to find the opposite case.

Hello CBD
While vape shops refuse to stock tobacco products, a new player is emerging as a potential crossover product. CBD, or cannabidiol, has exploded onto the scene as a natural, effective treatment for anxiety, epilepsy, and all sorts of other conditions. Available in a variety of different forms including oils, topicals, tinctures, creams, sprays, and beyond, both people pro and against recreational marijuana use have accepted CBD as a neutral player that has real benefits.

Growing your vape shop from a vaping-only store to an intersection of the vaping and cannabis industries is a daunting task, but making small, incremental changes can ease the pressure. Start by bringing in equipment and accessories that are similar to what you already offer. Vape pen batteries are a great option as they are simple to operate and closely resemble e-cigarettes.

Battery Gamechanger
Vaporizer brands have taken the standard 510 thread battery and elevated it to an entirely new level. These batteries provide the integration vape shops have been looking for when it comes to venturing into the cannabis world. It makes perfect sense for vape shops to offer vaporizers meant for concentrates and/or CBD in addition to their e-juice vapes. This is exactly what regular vapers are looking for when they decide they want to try vaping concentrates.

Vape pen batteries can be found in just about every gas station and convenience store now, but the majority of these are low-quality, generic items that can be very dangerous. There are countless news reports of people being severely injured or even killed by vape pens that overheat and explode, either in the person’s pocket or right in their face.

It’s vital to do thorough research on products before adding them to your inventory. Deciding on a specific brand of battery to bring in should boil down to a few factors. Safety should always be at the forefront of your qualifications, with reliability, ease of use, design and function also playing major roles in the decision. Customers return to your store because they know you stock reliable merchandise that works how it’s supposed to. Listen to their input; many of them are looking for an easy-to-use, trustworthy marijuana vape pen to add to their vape collection.

Stay in the Game
As legalization efforts continue to pay off and more states allow more forms of cannabis consumption, this trend is going to continue to skyrocket. Now is the time to evaluate who exactly your customer demographic is, and if you are providing all the items they are looking for.

Remaining stagnant in a market that has so much forward momentum is a surefire way to kill your business. Being an early adopter of these cannabis vaporizer products will ultimately show your customers that you are listening to their requests, and understand where the industry is heading. Make a few simple changes, and you’ll propel your store to the forefront of the market, leaving the e-juice shops to go up in smoke. SVBS

Jane Wagner is a Content Marketing Specialist for Ooze Wholesale. Ooze is the producer of the best-selling vape pen battery in the country, and is an innovator in the vaporizer and accessories market. You can reach Jane by email at [email protected], the Ooze Instagram @oozelife, or visit the site for more information.