For any large-scale e-liquid manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, there are three major criteria that describe the popular appeal – and thus sales volume – of the product offerings. Success on a single criterion makes a seller one-dimensional – of very narrow appeal; success on two criteria makes a seller two-dimensional – successful in a thin slice of the market. Success in all three dimensions is what gives a seller volume. We’re going to look at each of these criteria, and at how a successful vape juice seller can increase their sales volume by achieving success in all three dimensions.

First, “length”: the number of products on your roster. A seller with only three products is unlikely to achieve vast popular success, and high sales volume. While there are some of us vapers who choose a single vape juice to embrace for life, most of us – whether through changing tastes or the dreaded “vaper’s tongue” – tend to change e-liquids over time. Some of us change vape juice throughout the day, while others change over the course of weeks or months. In any case, carrying only a small handful of e-liquids means that the customer is more likely to gravitate to a seller who has more options to choose from.

Second, we have “breadth”: the number of flavor profiles in your product selection. While some manufacturers can carve a niche for themselves with a thin slice of flavor profiles, a volume seller cannot afford to be so selective! Not only do people tend to enjoy a variety of flavor profiles, but the massive number of vapers means that our market cannot survive on selling just sweets, or just tobaccos. There are just too many palates out there to please with a single flavor profile! There’s a wide world of different flavors out there, and it’s simply no fun for anyone to do nothing but eat fruit all day. The market – and you, as someone who wants to sell in volume – cannot afford to be so shallow as to just have a long list of flavors that are all basically the same.

Finally, there’s “depth”: the variety of customization options you offer. The variety of vaping devices means that manufacturers, retailers, and distributors who want to deal in volume cannot limit themselves to a few nicotine levels and one VG ratio. Not only are devices diverging farther and farther, from the simple cartridge-based e-cigarette to the massive box mod with RDA or sub-ohm tank, but users have different needs and tastes, as well! The pack-a-day smoker is going to want a higher nic than the casual smoker; the guy with the vape pen needs a completely different VG ratio than the girl with the 200 watt box mod; and opinions about menthol are as divided as ever. Restricting your products to just a single VG, with a limited range of nicotine strengths, and few or no menthol options, is an excellent way to restrict your popular appeal, and thus your sales volume.

There are, of course, exceptions. Some companies have done fine selling a few products, with a single flavor profile, and no options. But you can’t afford to bet your future, your success, your income on being one of those exceptions. If you want massive profits, you need mass appeal, and that means selling a wide variety of vape juice, with an array of flavor profiles, and the most possible options for customization. Even if your current narrow selection is selling extremely well, just imagine what your sales could be like if you diversified! In order to achieve volume, you need length, breadth, and depth. SVBS

Michelle Jones is a marketing associate with MELWholesale, a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality e-liquid located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their Mister-E-Liquid line of vape juice has over 80 flavors, each available in eight different nicotine strengths, four VG ratios, and four different menthol concentrations, for over ten thousand possible combinations to suit vapers of any preference, equipment, or palate. They also carry ten additional specialty lines, and are available for OEM and co-labeling projects, as well. For more information about how their volume can help your revenue, contact them online at, by email at [email protected], or by phone at 855-647-8373.